Hut of the GlamTech Warrior

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"Where The Eye* lives and entertains"
(*) and Disorient Outpost friends

2018 (Disorient camp, BurningMan)

HutBM2018.1.jpg HutBM2018.3.jpg HutBM2018.4.jpg HutBM2018.2.jpg HutBM2018.5.jpg

2012 (Disorient camp, BurningMan)

The Hut2012 1.jpg The Hut2012 2.jpg

2010 (Disorient camp, BurningMan)

EyePod (with new paint job), two 10x15 pink tents, B&B M1 tables, lots of Pornj objects. Hut 2010 01.jpg

2009 (Disorient camp, BurningMan)

In 2009 the components of the Hut are: the EyePod, 4 pink shade structures for private use and a semi-public Disorient lounge with a 6'x6' table made of M1s by B&B in the center.

Dews in the hut bm09.jpg Hut2009-05.jpg

Hut2009-01.jpg Hut2009-02.jpg Hut2009-03.jpg Hut2009-04.jpg Hut2009-05.jpg Hut2009-06.jpg Hut2009-07.jpg Hut2009-08.jpg Hut2009-09.jpg Hut2009-10.jpg Hut2009-11.jpg Hut2009-12.jpg Hut2009-13.jpg Hut2009-14.jpg Hut2009-15.jpg Hut2009-16.jpg Hut2009-17.jpg Hut2009-18.jpg

2008 (Disorient camp, BurningMan)

2007 (Disorient camp, BurningMan)

In 2007 the two original Delta Shades are combined into one modular design, open in front, protective in the back.
The EyePod on the side provides wheels for Bracelet.

Hut2007-1.jpg Hut2007-2.jpg Hut2007-3.jpg Hut2007-4.jpg
Hut2007 v.1.jpg Disorient2007 camp up v1.2.jpg Disorient2007 hutinside up v1.2.jpg

2006 (Disorient camp, BurningMan)

In 2006 the GlamTech Warrior asked Bogdanov and Bogdanov to design a shade structure for his Hut at BurningMan. They came-up with the Delta Shades.

Hut2006.4.jpg Hut2006.3.jpg Hut2006.5.jpg Hut2006.6.jpg
Hut2006.7.jpg Hut2006.8.jpg Hut2006.1.jpg Hut2006.2.jpg