Disorient Bali presents: BURNING MANTAP

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Disorient's first burn in Bali.

Sat. Sep. 4th, 2021
On the day the Man would have burned in Nevada.

20210904BurningMantap00076.jpg 20210904BurningMantap00079.jpg

In Bahasa, the language spoken in Indonesia, mantap can mean 'steady', 'steadfast' or 'even.' It has also recently evolved to mean 'excellent.'

The octahedron, a volume made of two pyramids with a shared base, is a symbol of the Disorient mythology. When we double the length of the four lower edges of an octahedron, the third pyramid that emerges serves as a new base and makes the structure stable and self-supporting. We call that shape Mantap.

Mantap can be read as a stylized version of the Man, the wooden installation that is burned almost every year since the 1990s in the Nevada desert.

The desire to keep burning, no matter what, is strong in us, so on Sat. Sep. 4th, 2021 at sunset Disorient presents Burning Mantap on Pantai Beraban in Tabanan, Bali.

As Mantap is consumed by the flames, we set our intention on being excellent to ourselves and to others.