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Disorient Urn 2011 01.jpg Disorient Urn 2011 02.jpg Disorient Urn 2011 03.jpg Disorient Urn 2011 04.jpg


Keep Disorient camp Tight and Bright.
Make Disengage smoother.
Burn all your burnables right away.
This Urn is placed in the center of Pornj Plaza.

Urn 2010 01.jpg Disorient Urn2010.jpg

Urn2010 0.jpg Urn2010 1.jpg Urn2010 2.jpg Urn2010 3.jpg Urn2010 4.jpg

DISORIENT URN 2010 - produced by Aura, built by Simas, designed by The Eye

- overall dimensions: length 4' x width 4' x height 30"
- aesthetic/geometry: metal can be patched in many places as long as the overall shape is respected
- finish: rusted i.e. do not finish
- legs (dia 4") are hollow so longer legs can be added later
- 2 metal boxes inside the urn where users can slide 2x4s to move urn without getting burned
- DISORIENT letters (lazer?) cut outs in the top cylinder
- each pixel about 1/4" diameter--can be square or circular
- pixels are 3/4" apart from center to center

- 3D model: Urn2010.skp


2 Urns by Lobster Rocket
Disorient Urn2006.jpg


Urn2005 1.jpg Urn2005 2.png Urn2005 3.png
About 7 feet tall and 5 feet in diameter at the top. The Urn itself is made of the end of a gas tank. Di5orient pixels are drilled into the vertical part of the old tank.