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Disorient DAO beta 2


Token distribution protocol (in progress)

DAO onboarding

Disorient DAO onboarding as team or advisor. This makes you a member of Disorient (one time): 1

Disorient camp at Burningman

Camper* (per year): 40
Cell lead (per year): 200
Camp lead (per year): 600

Early bird bonuses

Attended first Disorient camp (Burning Man 2001): 10000
Attended second Disorient camp (Burning Man 2002): 5000
Attended third Disorient camp (Burning Man 2003): 2500
Attended forth Disorient camp (Burning Man 2004): 1800
Attended fifth Disorient camp (Burning Man 2005): 900
Attended sixth Disorient camp (Burning Man 2006): 500
Attended seventh Disorient camp (Burning Man 2007): 250

Disorient one day/night events

Examples: Compressor, GlamTech, etc.

Ticket holder* (per event): 10
Cell lead (per event): 50
Producer (per event): 150
Co-founder: 500

Disorient camping events

Country Club, Bedouin Tech, Fun Tsang, etc.

Camper* (per event): 30
Cell lead (per event): 150
Producer (per event): 450
Co-founder: 1500

Council and Committee

Served as Disorient Council member (per year): 400
Served as Disorient Country Club Committee member (per year): 200

(*) must be vouched for by 2 DAO members if not already in Disorient system