Leo Blinky

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designed by Leo Villareal
produced by Disorient members

Every year or so since 2003 (TBC) Leo designs a limited series Leo Blinky to be gifted on the playa. They are often manufactured within the Disorient community.


LeoBlinky2018Front.DIS.jpg LeoBlinky2018Front.ORI.jpg LeoBlinky2018Front.ENT.jpg LeoBlinky2018Back.ENT.jpg LeoBlinky2018Back.ORI.jpg LeoBlinky2018Back.DIS.jpg
photos by Theophil Eyesenberg


LeoBlinky2013Front.YVPphoto.jpg LeoBlinky2013Back.YVPphoto.jpg
photos by Jan Van Pak

Video of Leo Blinkies in action by George Post