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Disorient camp at Burning Man is aiming to use 95% renewable energy by 2027.

D23 Power Rethink

Lead: Ice Cream
Some thoughts to start D23 power rethink


We have been working on solar solutions for Geodesic Temple with our friends at Black Rock Labs since 2017.

BM17TheEyeAndDavidS.jpg IMG 9669.JPG

CoSign "D" (below), part of D22 and D23's frontage, 100% powered by solar array provided by Black Rock Labs.

D22CoSignSolarArray.1.jpg 20220930CoSignDwithSolarArray.jpg


See TSSHP below.

On-Site Mixed-Plastic Recycling

Main Article: Disorient Plastic Recycling

Immediate recycling of most camp plastics.

Transformative Shower System Hybrid Program (TSSHP)

Cell Lead: Proto

Shared community space to ascend and renew. Perspective and Perseverance are two assets of playa life. With disorient’s founder’s guidance a short/medium/longterm evolving program to reenergize our community will spearhead Burning mans ___? 2027 net zero goal.

Like nature, the parts of the biota collaborate to support the overall ecosystem. We plan to do the same. Wind, Water, Gravity, and thermal exchanges are the toys of physics we persevere or enjoy. We play/engineer/strive for balance. We purpose an experience diverse spatially. A shower system to accommodate 4-5 privately, semi-privately and for those freed, a pinnacle perspective with only gravity accountable. A cool lounge pre and post cleanse lit to illuminate your imagination. The top of the structure will have staircase to a crow’s nest where the last shower will have a view of the camp/playa. Integrated into the staircase will be the infrastructure for a vertical axis windmill generating XX Kws. As a complete unit this lighthouse for net 0 power generation can be replicated on all four (5-6 units maybe) corners of Disorient aspiring to us achieved to net zero.

Top priority: no one get seriously hurt or dies.

2023: A base structure of a shower(s) / eagle’s nest / greywater swamp cooler lounge.

2024: Design with intention the base structural will facilitate the vertical Windmill prototype. Recordation from diesel generators total camp usage from alpha, burn, Disengage.

2025: Refine/optimize windmill prototype for more KWs and maybe make a better turbine design.

2026: Reproduce 2-4

2027: Sell units to other camps. Achieve net Zero

20230207D22Shower.jpg 20230206D23Shower.jpg 20221101D23ShowerSketch.jpg 20221103D23ShowerSketch.jpg D23ShowerConceptInspiration.jpg 20221104D23ShowerSketch.jpg 20221007DisorientShowerDesignByProto.jpg


Disorient Unplugged

Further exploring sustainable options, Disorient Unplugged is a new type of Disorient event that uses no electricity on site. Removing electricity from our practice is a challenge that forces us to rethink fundamental aspects of Disorient.
Our first Disorient Unplugged event was Disorient presents: BURNING MANTAP in Bali in 2021.

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