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Disorient camp at Burning Man 2022
Lead by the D22 Camp Cell


In 2022, Disorient was located at Esplanade & 6:30 with 200 ft. of frontage and 400 ft. deep.
D22CampSatellitePhoto.jpg D22Night300WLasers.jpg 20220909InOutDisorientCenterCamp.jpg

This time around — even more than usual since it had been almost 3 years since we had last found ourselves on the playa together — Disorient went in expecting the unexpected. After a two year hiatus, who knows where the capabilities and desires of everyone would take us. We were ready for a heart-opener.

The idea for D22 was to gently reconnect with each other. This desire for reconnection was expressed through our "XO" camp layout.
UP20220804.all.jpg D22CampSatellitePhotoCloseUp.jpg

The Art Car Wash was our main frontage installation. The two art cars from the Eminent Front: the ENTity and the new Disco Dock were parked behind the ACW. Those vehicles were part of the ACW and punctually provided sound for in-camp dance events.
UP20220329.acw.jpg 20220831DisorientArtCarWash.jpg

The Art Car Wash was flanked on the 6:30 side by CoSign, our new 16’ tall “D” beacon.
D22CoSign.00005.jpg D22CoSign.00010.jpg

Behind our frontage, the Very Pornj Lounge (VPL) was a new edition of our Club House design, a comfortable and soothing environment, a cocktail lounge where you could sway to the sound of low/no BPM tunes such as AlKemiss EriKa's set on Tuesday.

The Club House was a space for presentations and discussions where Disorient Talks were held every other day between 4pm and 6pm.
D22DisorientTalksCrypto.jpg D22DisorientTalksGlamTechEnergyIdeas.1.jpg

It's also where our hour-long Amp'd Yoga sessions were held daily at 1pm.
20220829DisorientClubHouseAmpdYoga.jpg 20220829AmpdYogaAtDisorientClubHouse.jpg

The DKitchen was wo/manned by a solid Dis crew, serving additional comfort twice a day.
D22KitchenInAction.jpg D22KitchenNightDust.jpg

Spire, our new Geodesic Temple stood on the playa in front of camp, just far enough so we could admire it properly.
20220903GeodesicTempleSpireNightBeacon.jpg 20220831GeodesicTempleSpire.2.jpg

Sofi's Cone was about 100 ft. on the seven O'clock side of Spire.
SofisCone.jpg SofisConeTip.jpg

Small Hadron Collider was further out on the playa
2022SmallHedronCollider.1.jpg 2022SmallHedronCollider.2.jpg

Our upgraded D14 Disorient Sign hung inside the Club House and got a new revision and re-interpretation this year.
D14-sign-D22-clubhouse-animated --PXL 20220903 033917315 exported stabilized 1662176372481.gif D22PlayaWorkshopForD14SignUpgrade.jpg

Three 300 Watt lasers located in the front and back of camp sent messages from the playa to the stars.
D22Night300WLasers.jpg D22LaserPyramid.jpg D22LaserPeople.jpg

20221001BRCSatSandStorm.jpg UP20220809.banner.jpg D22DontSoftRageCup.jpg BM22FromAboveNight.jpg

Cell Leads

(Cell):(Cell Lead)

For the first time, Disorient camp was ran by the Camp Cell, a committee of a dozen DOers.

Interface with BM: The Eye
Registration: Little Shane
Registration emails: Sofy
Registration support: Brinksman
Production Wrangler: Epic
Budget: Tejawe
Accounting: Wishbone

Urban Plan: The Eye
Square Shade: Ed B.
Power: IceCream
Water: HRH
Placement: HRH
Volunteer Coordinator: N/A
Tool Master: David R
Shower: Ed B.
Kitchen: Amber
Tuesday Night BBQ: Jonny Be Bad/NightShift
Recycling: N/A
Disengage: Ed

Art Car Wash: Tejawe
Club House structure: Freeman
Club House Decor: Shady Lady
AMP'D Yoga: Donovan A.
Disorient Talks: The Eye
Crypto Talk Moderator: The Eye
Power Talk Moderator: IceCream
Health Talk Moderator: Ninjane
CoSign: IceCream
Art Cars: NightShift
Spire: The Eye, Pinky
Frozen Minty Towels: Tejawe
Camp Lighting: Vadim
D14 Sign: Brad
Sound: Charlie Funk
Downtempo: The Eye with Sturge, VibesByTory, Karl Mak, Solhara

Text for BM's Letter of Intent (LOI) in source code