D14 Sign

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Designed and fabricated by Viktor and the Soviet Block (Kirill, Fixxy, Michael, Savage) in NYC, 2014

Sign at D22 Club House

Cell Lead: Brad

D14-sign-D22-clubhouse-animated --PXL 20220903 033917315 exported stabilized 1662176372481.gif

In 2022 a cell of volunteers created a new control system for the sign.

Software and hardware support: Vaporstack

Hardware fabrication support: Jack, Jack, Jayse

D14-sign-D22-club-house--PXL 20220902 042730990.MP.jpg D22PlayaWorkshopForD14SignUpgrade.jpg D22ClubHouseWithD14Sign.jpg D22BradCodingD14SignInClubHouse.jpg

Sign at D19 Club House


GlamTech 2015

DisorientSign2014.GlamTech.2.png DisorientSign2014.GlamTech.1.png

BioLum 2015


Geomantic Return


D14 at BM

Disorient2014Frontage.jpg BM2014FrontageSunrise.jpg BM2014FrontageLampLighters.jpg

First reveal at Leo's studio