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A Collaborative Sign by Disorient campers
An installation by the CoSign Cell
Composed by The Eye in 2019


Disorient's Collaborative Sign (CoSign) is made of clusters of wooden 3D pixels designed to be supported by a metal structure (pallet rack, scaffolding, etc.). Each pixel is a wooden box 23" wide x 23" tall x 11" deep.

For the collaborative aspect, beyond the fact that this Sign is fabricated by an evolving group of DOers, campers are invited to create a pornj object (2D or 3D) that fits inside a pixel (23" wide x 23" tall x 10" deep) and leaves room for the light in the center. That object is a visual and/or written description (sculpture, painting, collage, written words...) of a memorable Disorient experience. Some pixels could also be used as dioramas for objects from the Disorient Museum.


In 2024 we add the letter I to make a "DI" CoSign expanding on last year's "D"

CoSign at D23

Cell lead: IceCream
Design: The Eye
Items fabrication in Reno: So On It, Karl Mak, ...
Playa assembly and installation: IceCream, ...

D23CoSignAndNebula.jpg 20230828InstallingCoSign.jpg 20230829CoSignDay.jpg 20230902CoSignDay.jpg 20230828CoSignElevation.jpg 20230903D23FrontageNight.jpg 20230830CoSignDay.jpg 20230828CoSignIsUp.jpg 20230630DisorientUP.c.jpg 20230703CoSignDIS.1.jpg 20230703CoSignDIS.2.jpg 20230703CoSignDIS.4.jpg 20230703CoSignDIS.5.jpg 20230417CoSignDIS.modules.jpg


Cut List

Detailed information here: File:20230607CoSignElementsDimensionsForD23Addition.pdf

20230417CoSignDIS.4CutList.jpg 20230417CoSignDIS.6CutList.jpg 20230417CoSignDIS.7CutList.jpg 20230417CoSignDIS.8CutList.jpg


All 3/4” plywood items (B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J and K) need 3/4” triangular notches all cut on one side for electrical cables. Notches start at 1 foot from a short edge and are cut every 2 feet. A jigsaw can be used to make those cuts.
20230610CoSignNotch.jpg 20230417CoSignDIS.Notch.jpg 20230417CoSignDIS.NotchDetail.jpg

CoSign at D22

Cell lead: IceCream
After a successful "i" test at CCX, we present the "D" as part of the frontage of Disorient Camp at Burning Man 2022.
"D" CoSign ran 100% on solar, part of our Sustainability_Efforts.

The letter "D" is composed of 54 pixels organized in clusters of 7 and 8 pixels. Those clusters are stackable for transportation and storage.

20220531CoSignDatBM2022.w.jpg 20220531CoSignDatBM2022.r.jpg 20220531CoSignDatBM2022.q.jpg 20220531CoSignDatBM2022.e.jpg

Sides ready to be loaded in NYC container (11” x 96” x 24”)
20220612CoSignDSidesBeauregard.1.jpg 20220612CoSignDSidesBeauregard.2.jpg

The "i" of Disorient (CoSign at CCX)

Fabricated by IceCream, Phil J. and The Eye
20220530DisorientCCXCoSign.1.jpg 20220530DisorientCCXCoSign.2.jpg 20220530DisorientCCXCoSign.3.jpg 20220530DisorientCCXCoSign.4.jpg 20220530DisorientCCXCoSign.5.jpg 20220530DisorientCCXCoSign.6.jpg

CoSign Concept 2019


DisorientCollaborativeSign20191222.2.jpg DisorientCollaborativeSign20191222.3.jpg DisorientCollaborativeSign20191222.4.jpg DisorientCollaborativeSign20191222.CCXback.jpg DisorientCollaborativeSign20191222.CCXfront.jpg
Supported by pallet rack or scaffolding.


Here are 2 options for 54 individually addressable pixels depending on power situation.

Big generator

If this is near the big generator it’s really easy to do it with completely rentable gear.

You rent this guy - it’s a 48x 2.4 kilowatt dimmer rack:
Then you add one of these:
It’s a 12 rack - so now you’re at 60 dimmers total

I gotta ask for a price quote. Renting big dimmers likely less expensive than buying small ones - unless you already have the small ones.

Then you use this type of cable to go to the bulbs: (750 USD) (140 USD)

Small generator

If it’s gotta run off a 7k put-put genny it’s gonna to be done off dimmers that would likely have to be purchased. If you’re out in playa and you’re using a small generator with a photo cell and or timer you need the type of genny that can kick itself on under load

You have to buy 10 of these and use regular zip (lamp) cord and I would just get a spool and connectors and custom make it for length.

Oh you would also need a data cable to link the dimmers -So you would need 9’ of these - these we can buy new or used - also re-usable

Common to both options (~1100 USD total)

16/2 CABLE (350 USD)


BULB (220 USD)


Then we can use my console or whatever computer gadget you want to generate the DMX sequence for whatever length you want - I usually aim for 10 minutes and make it look nice
And we can use one of these to essentially be the VCR that played the DMX show back over and over and over again on a loop:
You have to provide a microSD card for it

Finally, you out it in a timer or a photo cell so that it turns on at dusk. And turns off at daylight. Or your run it forever or if it’s in camp you just go turn it on: