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Disorient camp at Burning Man 2023


2023 was Disorient's Year of the Paper Rabbit. Our camp was located at Esplanade & 5:00 with 200 ft. of frontage and 400 ft. deep. We had 197 campers. Camp planning discussion took place on this Discord channel.

D23's Urban Plan is organized around central shade structures that spelled out XO as our message to the stars and protects our tent campers from the weather.
This year we had a new Club House design. This is where we hosted most of our events (listed in our D23 Schedule).
D23's Geodesic Temple installation was the Temple of the Paper Rabbit
Duke's was back in full force and our Moop Altar was a new asset for our LNT efforts.

Volunteer SignUps

TOPAR Burn Perimeter
Dukes Liquor donations

Cell Leads

(Cell): (Cell Lead)

D23 Camp: Camp Cell

Interface with BM: LittleShane
Registration: LittleShane
Registration emails: Sofy
Production Wrangler: Brinksman
Budget: Tejawe
Accounting: Wishbone
DisOrientation: WatchTower

Urban Plan: The Eye
Square Shade: Ed B.
Power: IceCream
Water: HRH
Placement: HRH
Volunteer Coordinator: WatchTower
Tool Master: Jack B.
Shower: Jack B.
Kitchen: Amber
Recycling: Amber
Disengage: Ed
LNT: MissDaddy
Moop Altar design: The Eye
Moop Altar production: MissDaddy

Club House design: The Eye, Kirby
Club House structure: MissDaddy
Club House decor: John F., Kirby
AMP'D Yoga: Donovan McG.
Disorient Talks: The Eye
Jewelry of Burning Man moderator: LadyBee
Welcome to the Grid Talk moderator: IceCream
DeFi Talk moderator: Lev G.
CoSign on playa assembly and installation: IceCream
CoSign off playa fabrication: Karl Mak
CoSign design and planning: The Eye
Nebula: Leo
Nebula installation: Lowroad
Duke's: Brinksman
Frozen Minty Towels: Tejawe
Camp Lighting: Vadim
D14 Sign: Stack
D23 NFT: Jess H. and John Q.
Sound: Charlie Funk
Downtempo line-up: Kirby

Temple of the Paper Rabbit: The Eye, Pinky
Temple of the Paper Rabbit burn: Johnny B.
Temple of the Paper Rabbit burn perimeter: Naim, MissDaddy