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Produced by MissDaddy (Summer 2023)
Concept by The Eye (March 2023)

Disorient Moop is sacred.
Put it in its place!

D23MoopAltar.1.jpg D23MoopAltar.2.jpg

Joining the Urn and the Well, the Moop Altar is Disorient camp's latest cardinal point.

It centers every DOer's quest for immaculate playa and becomes the ultimate (as in final) destination for little feathers, abandoned cigarette butts, minuscule pieces of metal from who knows where, the occasional single-use container and yes, even the tiny plastic zip-up baggie that sometimes graces our sumptous acreage.

The Moop Altar is generous and accepting. It is a magical place, ready to receive, a karma-enhancing apparatus that will bring joy and fulfillment to visitors who share the clear intention of swiftly avoiding those potential red dots and yellow areas before they appear on BRC's 2023 Moop Map and believe at their core that green is D23's only acceptable color on that Map.

This sacred place of pilgrimage is only one waypoint on the disciple's path to enlightenment. The journey is the destination and your demooping journey through the desert will take many faces and will teem with temptations. This journey can take the Pornj pilgrim through the Club House, around the Kitchen, behind the Containers and even across the Esplanade searching for the ultimate ground score: a tiny piece of Moop that was left there for a minute, a day or the past decade.

Pro tip: for best results, do not visit the Altar empty-handed. The spirits haunting this sacred place of collection will only listen to prayers from the humble, determined and loaded demooper.


Pick-up regularly. Visit often.

How to know whether you should put something in the Moop Altar: 
If it's your trash then it's not for the Moop Alter.
If you picked up moop from the playa (including around camp), place it in the Moop Altar.

- Tejawe

Ver. 20230724
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Ver. 20230630

Ver. 20230324

Leave No Trace and stay green, Disorient!

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- Gamification of MOOP
- Sacralization of MOOP