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Kitchen lead: Joelle Musante


Things we need for 2011

(in general buy metal over plastic as it wears better on the playa. Also try to buy things that are industrial strength and don’t have lots of small moving parts to be separated or lost. Think what is most idiot proof, the simpler the better)

hand sanitizer
1 small thing of bleach for rinse water
2 new hose nozzles that are not so hard to turn off, perhaps the kind with a dial for different spray settings
1 large pyrex measuring cup
2 sets of teaspoon measuring spoons
2, 6” chef knives
2, 8” chef knives
5, 32 gallon or greater trash cans (2 trash, 1 metal recycling, 1 burnable, 1 glass recycling, 1 plastic recycling)
25 trash and clear or blue recycling bags to fit our cans.. We have plenty of random bags for disengage, this is for daily meal plan use
2 extra long handled spoons for stirring the ‘toddler cooker’ requires 2’+ long handles
25 disposable kitchen rags
1, additional chest freezer as ours is NOT large enough. Need one twice as big as 2010s
lock hardware for the freezer
1 key lock for freezer
Canvas (cotton duck?) to cover for kitchen floor (confirm dimensions of 2 car ports)
4” long tack nails for kitchen floor
12-14 20 lb propane tanks (is what Shaggy supposedly purchased in 2010)
3 propane stove valve repair kits. We need new valves, regulators, hoses (the whole set) for 20lb and 100 lb tanks. Get 3 each of both.
2 splitters for 20 lb and 100 lb
1 propane tool kit
3 rolls of propane tape / gas fitting seal tape
considering getting another 2 burner stove
1 fire extinguisher
1 industrial size microwave (note we’ll then need some large plastic bowls to go in the microwave)
more lights for the kitchen as it gets too dark for dishwashing
2nd larger grill as ours is not large enough or firewood for urn

Kitchen signage needed for 2011

(I can assure you if this seems like overkill it is not this helps people know where things go and how to use them. All signs must be laminated and sized to fit on containers) Printed labels for washing spray bottles—3 wash, 3 rinse
Other printed labels for supply containers and shelves—
dish soap and sponges—keep lid shut
trash bags,
How to wash
Soak – Stop and fill sink with water and soap. When finshed with dishes drain sink and dump grey water
Wash – Actively scrub dishes here
Rinks – Stop and fill sink with water and bleach. When finshed with dishes drain sink and dump grey water.
Excell chart or list of who’s doing what roles each night for meal leaders
Detailed list of responsibilities for each meal role
Notes on each trash can of what to do with the trash by type (ie: bring burnable out to fire pit, take aluminum cans to recycle camp, etc)


List maintained by Sheri Cherry and LC

Things we have

Stoves and cooking

2 self-standing double burners, so 4 burners total
1 single burner, free standing, sits on the ground, boils water in 3 min. and fits any size pot
However these stoves all need to be serviced to clean the hoses and switch to 100lb fuel tanks.. I suggest buying another 2 burner stove, especially if Shaggy is not confident of fixing the hoses on the playa in 2010.
1-2 bbq lighters for stoves
3 fire extinguishers

Kitchen Sink

6 large utility sinks 2 for soaking, 2 for washing, 2 for rinsing.
3 large Tupperware bins to catch and remove spent grey water
1 large low profile tupperware bin used as the water catch for potable camp water
3 spray bottles for efficient washing, rinsing
1 Small lockable tupperware for clean sponges and cleaning utensils
regular dish soap, enough for ’11
SOS pads, enough for ’11
Scotch Brite Pads, enough for ’11
Plastic scrub brushes, enough for ’11
bleach for sanitizing rinse water, enough for ‘11…
2 mesh laundry bags for drying dishes
2 large shopping carts for drying dishes

Kitchen Cooking Equipment

3 large stock pots including the “toddler cooker” which is the largest pot we will ever need
1 large metal strainer
3 large sauce pans
4 large frying pans / skillets
5-10 cutting boards including several disposable
1 small food processor
2 blenders
chef knives
pairing knives
cooking spoons
serving spoons
serving forks
(I’m not sure how many of each but overall we had enough utensils)
garlic press
1 pyrex measuring cup
can opener
bottle openers
1 medium tupperware container for all utensils
5+ pot holders/hot pads

Spices (essentials in large quantities)

Salt, enough for ’11
Pepper, enough for ’11
Olive oil
Garlic powder
Chili powder
Soy Sauce (including gluten free)
White Vinegar
6 Taco Seasoning Packetts


Ziplock freezer bags, a bunch, we used for storing leftovers
Ziplock assorted bags, tons
Markers and tape for labeling things
1 write n’wipe board with markers
Power cords, plenty
Power strips, plenty
Aluminum foil

Food Presentation

6 huge bowls (2 cracked but usabled for non liquids)
several medium metal bowls
4 huge baking sheets, too big for rv ovens, but good for serving
several smaller serving trays
2 large tupperware containers with lids for tray and bowl storage
7 large food sized tupperwares with lids for storing leftovers




organized by El Niño with WhiteHeat, k8, Owen, Dafna
Puddle discussion: Kitchen


"Of all the things that people have in common, what unites them most is the need to eat and drink" (Friedeman Derschmidt,

Behind this seemingly obvious fact lies a whole philosphy of well-being, which we feel essential to the proper enjoyment of such an intense experience as Burning Man. The Kitchen should be a space where it is easy to prepare food, share, chat and relax. We intend it as the center of our camp life, and as the starting point for Playa explorations. If live is easy and sweet at home, playa adventures can be more deep and enjoyable.
The Kitchen is intended for every Di5orienter to use at their own ease. However, because the winds of the playa make us drift in very random directions, and that we need to keep this somewhat orderly so that it does not entirely break down, we felt the need to distinguish 3 levels of involvement  :

  1. Kitchener : shortly after your arrival, you have checked with El Niño on what goes where, contributed something to the Kitchen (anything : help, ustensils, food, ice, love) and you are thus a full member of the coop. This implies more rights but also more responsibilities, which you are happy to take for your well-being and that of your fellow Kitcheners. You are here for the Kitchen and the Kitchen is here for you.
  2. Passer-by Di5orienter : you happen to pass by the Kitchen because it's a hot day outside, that the shade is very enticing, plus there is a massage table right there and Ted is playing a cool song on the guitar. You sit down and relax. For the first time of the week, you feel fed-up with your 5 powerbars a day and you suddenly feel like cooking something up. Luckily there are a few ustensils available for public use. Sure, the last passer-by left them a little filthy, but the worse you have to do is to clean up that pot before starting the cooking. The Kitchen is here for you.
  3. Disoriented Di5orienter  : it is 56 in the morning and your 2 hour run to escape the silver dragon has led you to this weird spot of your camp that looks somewhat like a Kitchen, only it's all wiggly and blinking. The dinosaur-like purple tail that you have been carrying all along feels heavy, and you just want to rest there a bit. Sit down, play with the blender. Oh, look at this, a swimming pool with a distorted meshgrid above it ! You haven't taken a bath in yuck since you left Proxima Centauri this morning... etc, etc. etc. The Kitchen is here for you, but you are elsewhere. You might want to stay away from the stove.


  • Kitchen shaded area (with Steve-O)
  • Dining aread (large plywood table + 20 plastic chairs)
  • Recycling station,
  • Sink, counter, evap pool
  • Cupboards, table, bulletin board.

Proposal :


By WhiteHeat

I see an area, not unlike this Now for some details:
These are ideas to make the kitchen interesting, creative and useful. In no certain order.

THEME : surprise surprise


Could be as simple as Christmas lights around all three sides of the kitchen area. At every upright connecting the sides of the shade structure, I suggest a lantern of some sort. This is for lighting the kitchen at helps create an inviting ambiance too. Seeing what you’re doing in the kitchen at night will help cleaning up what you’re doing in the kitchen at night.


Here’s where the theme really comes in surprise.... Three large trash cans. One for recycling, of course. One for burnables and one labeled for trash that needs to be carried out of BRC. Trash cans should have lids that are bungy corded down. An enormous supply of trash bags should be stored here too.


I say make it very basic and easy to keep things organized and tidy. I suggest having sets of plastic drawers that people can keep cooking gear in. Maybe 2 sets of three drawers, like the Container Store sets. That way some utensils can stay in the kitchen and be available for the whole camp and in these drawers, be kept moderately clean and out of the dust.
I also highly suggest having rolls of tape and sharpies hanging nearby these drawers for people to label their stuff. If it’s labeled it will be returned. If it’s not, it will be trashed or lost. I also suggest keeping things we want to stay in the kitchen and in their perfectly allotted place, on strings. Like a bottle opener on a string tied near coolers, so it’s always there. The sharpies and tape tied to the shade structure, hanging low so it’s super easy to label your stuff and you know where to get the materials to do so. Locking things down sounds a little hard core, but I really think this is a good way to always know where things are and to keep things put away so there is working space available. Where’s the Blender? Right over there, between the knife block and the bread box.
I think one drawer should be for cleaning products: Soap, towels, scrub pads, cleansers. All right there so cleaning can be immediate. One drawer for pots and pans. One for utensils. One for matches, zip ties, sharpies, tacks, note paper.


I think the wall that doesn’t have a stove or a sink should be a place to store coolers. Again, have tape and sharpies to label whose is whose. Don’t want people in your cooler but want it in the kitchen? Zip ties for locking and a blade hanging nearby for cutting open. Have a community cooler here for ice. We need options for dry ice. A mini fridge would be ideal. I think we should have a good supply of Ziploc bags around. Nothing like having watered down fromage just because the wrapper got loose.


We need to be close or have access to a generator for lights, blenders, refrigerators.


Above the coolers, we should have a big dry erase message board and a cork board for messages. Want to know who’s spinning tonight? Check out the message board. Want to meet up with someone at Center Camp? Leave it on the message board. I want to have a Polaroid camera hanging around too, and then decorate the kitchen with Polaroids of Disorienters progressing in states of Euporia throughout the week, along with little fortune cookie type sayings, coaxing people to work less, play more.
Have you seen this person? Go find them
Why aren’t you on the playa?
Go find art
Dance dance dance
This is also a place for people to bring photos from past years to hang around too. There should be note paper and thumb tacks nearby.
STOVE : Jason and Lacey’s will be loaded on the container. Propane has to be logged from Reno or Gerlach by someone.


The Sink will be lent by Jason and Lacey and embedded in an M1. The evap pool will be concealed behind one of the Kitchen walls to keep revolting images of Amaraschino cherries out of the Kitcheners’ sight. Idea for evap pool : vertical bands of cotton increase the evaporation power via capillarity.

EVAP PRE-PLAYA by K8 - I will bring all the supplies for this. Consider it my gift. Somebody better freakin’ cook for me. I’ll pre-drill everything so that its super-easy to put together and will prestring the capillarity (didn’t know what that was called before) strips and will bring some replacement ones.


Fire extinguisher.


I think Kitcheners should volunteer in groups of say 5 people a day to “Karma Police” the kitchen. It’s just one day, split among friends to make sure there’s not food lying around, overflowing trash cans, and that there is ice in the camp cooler. Coming back to camp? Grab a bag of ice ! If people are signed up to clean, at least someone will be watching it. We don’t want our kitchenette to be a victim of the not-mine-didn’t-see-it syndrome


Bags will be piled up behind the Kitchen in a very orderly manner. People will be good and they will minimize moop, separate well and actually behave like it’s a LEAVE NO TRACE events, unless they want to incur the wrath of the “Moop nazi”. A few time during the week, the Moop Nazi will assign car and RV owners to take up a bag or two and store it away so that the center of the camp doesn’t look like a giant dumpster.
People leaving the playa will take as much trash as they can so that the last few good souls who left to clean up the mess behind don’t have to live in a dumpster for one more day…


I suggest we look into what camps stay at BRC the longest and ask early in the week if we can make contributions to their camp with any leftovers we have. Otherwise, every car that leaves brings a trash bag and a food bag. Starting with the cars that leave first!


Buying a box of Ziplocs for yourself? Great, get another to donate to the camp! Thanks!


sawhorses, plywood, 2x4's for the Tables
M1's for the counter
as many chairs as possible (storage)
Shade Structure
Christmas lights
Candles or batteries for Lanterns
3 Lanterns
2 Blenders (k8 will bring one & Aarona will bring one)
Power cords
Power strips
Knife Block
Pots, pans
Kitchen Utensils, wooden spoons, etc.
2 sets of plastic drawers, three drawers per set (k8 will bring one & ____ will bring one)
Hole punch for tying cups to bodies, less cups wasted if you have one on you! (k8)
Purel, hand sanitizer
Trash Bags
Recycling Trash Bags
Mesh bags for wet garbage
White Gaffer’s tape
Fire Extinguisher.
Cutting Board
Bungee cords
3 large trash cans
zip ties
box cutter
dry erase board
tack board (k8)
Evap area
Mop/broom for evap area
Plastic gloves
Scrub sponges, cleaning supplies
Mini Refrigerator
Dry Ice
Bottle opener
Can opener
Polaroid film
Polaroid Camera
large cotton rug to keep mud & dust down


- Pre-playa :
To shop for supplies
To lend or donate items
To load supplies on container
To get propane in Reno

- during SETUP :
To unload supplies from container (NB: most of the Kitchen stuff should go on the DeX)
To build shade structure (3 people, 3 hours)
To build the Table and Counter (2 people, 2 hours)
To help build the evap pool (k8 + 1 person, 3 hours ?)

- during the week
To watch over kitchen
To clean and maintain the evap pool (Owen)
To handle trash thoughout the week (El Niño)

- Di5engage (Sunday/Monday)
to handle trash on last day
to handle leftovers on last day
to handle cleaning
to handle break down

Add to the list, remove things if you see fit. Some of the things on this list may seem like the responsibility of individuals. But I think that they are necessary to have the kitchen run itself and that is a request and requirement for the whole camp, thus a camp expense to keep it going.

Once we come to an agreement and ideas are shared, I will work on a budget. Suggestions welcome. I will continue to look into other ways make the kitchen run itself too.
This is going to be magical...