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Greetings Disorient!

Disorient is an art collective and it takes the hardest work you’ll ever love to bring to life the sound, visual, and performance art on the playa. To that end, DKitchen makes it an utmost priority to feed and nourish our crew and have planned meals for YOU. Your meals are included in your camp dues.

The DKitchen is open daily for individual camper use for snacks, lunch, and personal meal-prep, closes at 4pm for camp dinner prep. There will be no DKitchen Annex, the whole kitchen is for everyone’s use.

New this year!

  1. FarmToPlaya: Many ingredients were grown organically in my vegetable garden this year or locally sourced on Bainbridge Island where I now live.

Recycle Camp: Since we are SO CLOSE to Center Camp, we will be crushing cans, and have a designated bin to collect and shifts to transport. Compost Camp: We will be using mesh bags to dry out and a bin to collect appropriate food scraps/waste to deliver to Ideate, aka Compost Camp, which is also very closeby! Pornj aprons for everyone: All DKitchen helpers will be gifted a PORNJ apron. Guests? Can I invite someone to have a meal at camp? Yes! We will have a limited number of tokens for you to invite someone over. Ask any Kitchen lead for one.

Dietary restrictions, preferences or allergies? Please let me know about them: Feel free to email me anytime to confirm ingredients and allergens: I am also on Discord as Amber#9297 and can answer questions in the #kitchen channel.

DKitchen Shift SignUp: We need help with Prepping, serving and cleaning up for Breakfast and Dinner. Compost and Recycle Runs. Keeping the DKitchen bright and clean.

Veg=Vegetarian, Vegan=Vegan, GF = Gluten free.*

Xoxo, Amber and the DKITCHEN crew: Naim, Jane, Mark, Silver and Matt <3

ALPHA Monday, August 22 - Sunday, August 25 Monday thru Thursday lunch ???

Thursday night thru Sunday Meals by DKitchen (Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner)

Thursday Dinner: Creamy Lentil, Mushroom and Brown Rice soup (Vegan, GF) and romaine salad. Bacon sprinkles on the side.

Friday Breakfast: Pornj Pancakes. Fluffy pancakes with raspberry, mango and blackberry compote. Some pancakes with bacon sprinkles cooked in. Will also have Vegan and GF pancakes (Bob's Mill Mix). Lunch: Pornj Hummus board with grilled cheese, veggies, pita pockets and rice crackers (Vegan, GF) Dinner: Mexican rice, pinto beans, cheese, soyrizo and ground beef cooked w taco seasoning, sour cream, guac, salsa. Salad. Vegan, GF

Saturday Breakfast: Country potatoes, veggie sausage, turkey sausage, eggs. (GF, Veg) Lunch: Esplanade Tacos. Chopped steak, cheese, carrots, mint. Soy curls, carrot, mint. Sour cream, hot sauce. Dinner: Roasted Salmon, Grilled Tofu, Beet Salad, Carrot Rice (GF, Vegan)

Sunday Breakfast: Breakfast Burritos (Veg and GF options) Lunch: Tamales (Cheese and Soy Curls. Veg, Vegan and GF). Soy curl and Chicken quesadillas. Dinner: Jambalaya Chicken/Shrimp and Soy Curl/Soyrizo. (GF, Vegan)

BURN WEEK Monday, August 29 to Friday, September 2nd Breakfast and Dinner provided by DKitchen. Also, random surprise goodies, like … pornj smoothies, pornj ice pops**, pornj sangria…

BYO Plate and bowl, mug, silverware. We will have spray bottles and paper towels at a dishwashing station for you to clean your plates with afterwards.

Breakfast Breakfast is at 10am. You snooze, you lose. Coffee everyday, plus creamer (cow and not cow) and sugar. Dinner Served at 7pm/Sunset. All dinners have GF, Veg, and Vegan options.

Monday: India (Naim and Jane) Breakfast: Bhurji Pav and parathas (Amber/Mark) Eggs cooked with onions, tomatoes, peppers and spices served with flatbread. Vegan: Sub tofu for eggs. GF option: GF flatbread Dinner: Grilled Spiced paneer, Grilled spiced tofu, Chana Daal, Rice w cardamom, colorful raita salad, garlic naan, apple chutney. (Gluten free, vegetarian, vegan).

Tuesday: Americana (Amber and Mark) DKitchen will be part of the BRC Kitchen Tour and we will have visitors sometime during the day. If you use the kitchen, keep it nice and clean to show off for our guests. Breakfast Eggs BeneDIS. Poached eggs over ham or spinach on an english muffin with hollandaise. (Jane/Matt/Silver) Vegan: Sub tofu for eggs, veggie sausage for ham (no hollandaise). GF option: GF muffin Dinner: The Meating by Johnny B & Nightshift DKitchen to provide Beyond meat burgers (Vegan/GF) and a big green salad.

Wednesday: Hawaii (Amber and Jane) Breakfast: Banana bread, yogurt, granola, fruit, nuts. Dinner: Kalua Pork, Kalua Soy Curls, pineapple fried rice with veggies, coleslaw, grilled pineapple.

Thursday: Colombia (Amber and Naim) Breakfast: Huevos pericos y arepas con queso (Scrambled eggs, scallions and tomatoes, grilled cornmeal patties) Vegan: Tofu Perico scramble Dinner: Pollo guisado en coco, Frijoles rojos, arroz de zanahoria, ensalada (Chicken cooked in coconut milk, red beans, carrot rice, salad.)

Friday: Taiwan (Matt and Silver Chiu) Breakfast: Congyoubing (Scallion Pancake) & eggs and sausage. Veg: Scallion Pancakes with tofu scramble and veggie sausage.

Dinner: San Bei Ji - Chicken cooked with ginger, garlic and basil. Veg: Soy curls cooked with ginger, garlic and basil. Sauteed broccolini and carrots. Sticky rice. Dish is gluten free.

DISENGAGE Saturday, September 3rd to Wednesday, September 7th DKitchen will provide nutrition and refreshment for Disengage DOers only, along with the Monday Disengage Feast, lovingly provided by DKitchen!

DKITCHEN WILL NOT BE ACCEPTING FOOD DONATIONS of any kind this year. PACK IT OUT. Or don’t bring so much food.

Saturday CAMP WIDE DISENGAGE & BURN Night Breakfast & Lunch & early Dinner (6pm) for Disengage DOers only

Sunday, the Temple burns Breakfast & Lunch & early Dinner (6pm) for Disengage DOers only

Monday Breakfast & Lunch & DISENGAGE FEAST 6pm (for Disengage DOers only) Seared albacore tuna, coleslaw, jasmine coconut rice and more.

Disengage Meals and Nourishment - Keep the DOING going until it’s once again DUST

Tuesday, September 4 Wednesday, September 5, target day to leave

DKITCHEN The kitchen will again have 2 LARGE chest fridges and 2 small chest freezers. Campers will have access to one fridge and one freezer. We will also have a small dairy only/orange juice standup fridge for camper use.

Lunch will be DIY, but you’ll have a well equipped kitchen. We will have a 3 burner stove (high powered) and a griddle/grill that fits over ⅔ of it, a new 2 burner stove (high powered), a 2 burner stove (normal), pans, pots, utensils, skillets, bowls, cutting boards, knives, etc. If you feel like making pancakes, or bacon, or sandwiches, anything else, I encourage that behavior, just clean up afterwards.

Also available LARGE OVEN: It will be busy, but you’re welcome to use it outside of dinner prep. Pan size is 18" x 13" (half size) and has 4 racks. MOAR Small / medium sized pots and pans. Other camper appliances Microwave oven, 60 and 42 cup coffee makers, electric kettle, blender, espresso machine, grinder.

Shared staples We will have a number of staples for use: Coffee (percolator grind and beans for espresso), Milk and Coffee Creamer (cow and not cow), apples, bananas, Cereal, Granola, Mixed nuts, Instant/Individual Oatmeal Packets, Canned Soups, Instant Ramen Noodles, Chips and Salsa, quesadilla makings, Gatorade Mix , etc. Olive oil, canola oil, butter, mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup, vinegar, sugar, salt/pepper, Spices, hot sauce etc.

Note: DKitchen provides Gatorade, orange flavor, in powder.

Please! do not bring gallon jugs of milk and put them in the fridge. Milk will be made daily and will be in the dairy fridge. I’m also bringing shelf stable creamer.

Instructions Wash your hands! We will have a handwashing station, a dishwashing station, and tables that will be designated raw food vs cooked food, for permitting reasons. If you use it, clean it. Leave the kitchen in better shape than you found it, always. Kitchen will be CLOSED to all but Dinner Leads and Kitchen Crew volunteers from 4pm to 9pm daily (cleaning your bowl after dinner is OK!) If you plan to use the campers fridge or freezer (or both!) please ensure your things are in a small bin or a spill proof LABELED bag. Any and all food should be sealed to avoid leaks and spillage. Meal leads will use the group meal fridge and freezer.

Volunteers Breakfast and Dinner Volunteers Meals are planned, some have been prepped, all ingredients bought and you will be provided with recipes, instructions and a snazzy pornj apron. We will need help with prepping, serving and cleanup. Some of the tasks will involve helping with prep, warming pre-made meals, serving, clearing tables, cleaning utensils, etc.

Signup for shifts:

Again, if you have any questions, please email Amber or

  • My kitchen is not Gluten Free and trace amounts could be found in meals. Gluten Free means no ingredients containing gluten were included. When GF options are offered, ingredients are from sources where the facility is certified to be Gluten Free such as Bob's Red Mill.
    • Pornj Ice Pops are Gluten Free, No Sugar Added. Made with Naked Juice Rainbow Machine and Mighty Mango fruit smoothies: Apple, Blueberries, Kiwi, Banana, Mango, Beet, Blackberries, Orange, Lemon.