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An NFT series minted for D23 Camp
Produced by Jess H. and John Q. for their Disorient Talk

How to claim your NFT

(1) scratch off the silver panel from your physical token to reveal your seed phrase. This is a secret phrase used to access a crypto wallet that contains the NFT.

(2) Visit https://phantom.app/ and download the extension or the mobile app.

(3) Select "I already have a wallet"

(4) Write the 12 words from your token in order.

(5) This will restore your wallet and you'll be able to see your collectible.

We'd recommend starting a fresh wallet for meaningful amounts of crypto or valuable NFTs. While we've taken every step possible to secure these seed phrases it's still less secure than starting a fresh wallet where only you have the seed phrase. You can transfer this NFT between wallets if you want.

The Art

This year's NFTs come from art created by Disorienters on and off the playa - they range from artefacts of the Disorient Camp to entirely new digital works.




Token design options

20230807PaperRabbitTokenRecto.png 20230807PaperRabbitTokenVerso.png 20230807PaperRabbitTokenRecto2.png 20230807PaperRabbitTokenVerso2.png