2023 Year of the Paper Rabbit

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The choice of the Paper Rabbit is a multifaceted decision that reflects both the cultural significance of the rabbit and the community-building potential of collaborative art.

2023 is the Year of the Rabbit in the lunar calendar, which is a significant cultural symbol for many people around the world. The Paper Rabbit can therefore be seen as a way to celebrate and honor this cultural tradition, and to connect with people from different backgrounds who share a common appreciation for this symbol. It is also a nod at Animalia, the theme of Burning Man 2023.

At the same time, the use of Disorient's collaborative approach reinforces the sense of community and interconnectedness among the people involved in the project and their friends. By bringing together individuals from different walks of life and backgrounds, Disorient becomes a shared endeavor that highlights the value of collaboration and cooperation.

Moreover, the choice of the Paper Rabbit also speaks to the themes of fragility, transformation, and resilience that are often associated with this animal. Like the Paper Rabbit, our lives are fragile and vulnerable, yet we also possess a resilience and strength that allows us to endure and overcome challenges. The Paper Rabbit therefore becomes a metaphor for the human experience, and a tool to reflect on the ways in which we navigate the complexities and uncertainties of life.

Overall, the choice of the Paper Rabbit is a thoughtful and meaningful decision that reflects the cultural significance of this symbol, the community-building potential of collaborative art, and the deeper themes of transformation and resilience that are inherent in this subject matter.


How to make a Paper Rabbit

Download pdf: File:20230426HowToMakeThePaperRabbit.pdf
PaperRabbit.12.jpg PaperRabbit.13.jpg

Other options


2023 lunar calendar: year of the Rabbit

2023 Burning Man theme

2023 Theme Journal B-1-2.jpg

Temple of the Paper Rabbit

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An installation by Geodesic Temple in sync with Disorient's 2023 theme and the theme of Burning Man 2023


ADXXiii Paper Rabbit T-Shirt


ADXXiii Paper Rabbit Patch

20230426PaperRabbitPatch.png 20230426bPaperRabbitPatch.png