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20220518 Disorient DAO on unit.network

Demetrius (Disorient Berlin) connects us with Michael Healy who helps us create the Disorient DAO and the $DISORIENT token on http://unit.network

20220318 2nd Zoom Call with Isaac

Participants: Isaac, Jacob J., Tejawe, HRH, Leo, Jasmine, The Eye, Jony B Bad, Teddy Lo

Q and A for the first 40 minutes
Isaac then created the DAO Camp Disorient, an Experimental DAO for managing Camp Disorient 2022 https://app.daohaus.club/dao/0x64/0xe2aa2a29d0d87c79267b19a0b1a7dd1be0f5021b/ using https://app.tip.party/room/disorient and http://DaoHaus.club and running on the Gnosis chain https://www.xdaichain.com/
Four of us (including Isaac) had wallets ready to be added to the DAO.
We created the Disorient DAO WhatsApp group.

Next steps:
- Familiarize ourselves with the environment of our new DAO. Tutorials here.
- Help other participants connectf to the DAO, provide Metamask help when necessary.
- Start experimenting with proposals as this is a central mechanism of the DAO.

20220315 Call with Isaac

Creating a DAO is a big step for Disorient. It comes with many questions. During a 20220315 call with Isaac, a DAO specialist, the idea to create a punctual DAO for Disorient camp at BM22, as opposed to a DAO for Disorient collective, emerged. Think of this time-limited DAO as a way to test the concept without long-term commitments.

A DAO would be a departure from the way we've administered Disorient in the past. It could provide a structure based on blockchain technology to streamline how we run camp. For instance camp fees could be collected and managed through our D22 DAO, some decisions could be made using the DAO's voting system. It would require adjustment, agility and has the potential to bring Disorient members closer together by organizing membership, automating some of our camp tasks and energizing our consensual stance with its transparent voting/financial features. It could be a new chapter in the history of Disorient.

We have a Zoom call with Isaac on Friday March 18th at 11:00am EST during which we will be able to ask questions and create our D22 DAO. Isaac recommends using https://daohaus.club which he has used to help create other DAOs for projects similar to Disorient. He will help us get started and onboard call participants. This is a great way to jumpstart this project.

20220301 A DAO for Disorient

Shortly after the release of Cosmic Reef, Leo, James and Eye met at Leo's studio to discuss Disorient's crypto strategy. During that meeting the idea to create a DAO for Disorient crystalized.

"A DAO or Decentralized Autonomous Organization is an internet community that allows members to coordinate funds and resources. It is a community of people making decisions together in a decentralized manner, made autonomous through their software underpinnings." More here: https://ethereum.org/en/dao/

2015-2018 Disorient Token project

Eye had dreamed to get Disorient involved in the crypto revolution since 2015. As a DIY aficionado the first thought was to create our own blockchain. After some poking around a more attainable goal seemed to be to create our own token.

During our Bedouin Tech 2016 decompression week in Dubai, Bacchus and Eye were chilling at Playa Barbie and John's Frond F space. It was the perfect opportunity to run some of those Disorient crypto ideas by a Harvard lawyer. We had a long discussion about what it would mean for Disorient to have its own token. Based on the notes from that discussion, another Disorient camper (who worked at Consensys) and Eye decided to create a Disorient token during a conversation while disengaging on the playa at the end of D17. After a few months of back and forth with the developer (another Disorient camper) we had approached to write the code for the token, the project was aborted.
2017 notes on creating a Disorient token by The Eye

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