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Disorient camp at Burning Man 2019
Camp Lead: So On It


In 2019 Disorient was at 2:15 & Esplanade. Camp was 200 ft. wide by 400 ft. long.


We debuted the Club House, our new pentagon-shaped multi-story pallet rack frontage structure complete with Pornj velvet couches and GlamTech decor. By day, the Club House served as a performance space for our Dry Lakebed Synchronized Swimming Team and shaded haven for Amp'd yogis, who were treated to Frozen Minty Towels after their invigorating practice.


At night, the Club House transformed into an illuminated beacon, featuring glimmering LEDs on the DISORIENT sign and Helios bars, incandescent Pornj lighting, and a sky-high laser programmed to spell out D-I-S-O-R-I-E-N-T in Morse code. DISORIENT music played all week long through a pristine sound system, with the Wayward Teahouse offering a peaceful respite from the revelry during three late-night parties.

Di19ORI.BM19.1.jpg ENT.BM19.1.jpg

Across the Esplanade, our Art Car Dock was the home base for the D’enT and the Dang Gang, which together made up the Sign On Wheels. These spectacular Mutant Vehicles transported both participants and the D19ORIENT Video Sign — 1.2 million pixels of LEDs programmed with mesmerizing video art — on unforgettable journeys across the playa.

The immersive Fire Defractor installation served as a lighthouse of sorts, where participants could enjoy ambient sound and holographic sculptures in a plush lounge space. Fire and flow artists from DISORIENT and the Ministry of Flow teamed up for two special performances: the full dress rehearsal for the Fire Conclave and an open fire jam set to a special musical lineup.

Disorient2019Blinkies.jpg D19ORIENTcampPhotoBM19.jpg

Within camp, a regulation shuttlecock court encouraged 24/7 sleizure play with Pornj racquets and LED-illuminated birdies.

During daily DISORIENT-it-Yourself workshops in the Dis|Co Lounge, special guest artists taught participants to make resin jewelry, illuminated headwear, LED blinkie pendants, holographic sculptures, and silk-screened t-shirts. This was also the site of the Pornj Costume Swap on Monday night, where camp exchanged hundreds of Pornj and Glam Tech costume items and accessories.

DukesBM19.jpg InsideDukesBM19.jpg

On Tuesday, DISORIENT hosted the Cultural Collaborators Cocktail Party, a celebration of those who help spread Burning Man culture around the world. DISORIENT was the first Theme Camp ever to host this special event, which is a reflection of the extraordinary contributions our collective makes in Black Rock City and beyond.


We followed this up with another legendary iteration of the Tuesday night BBQ, a multi-meat feast (and family reunion) that was not to be missed. Our beloved speakeasy Duke’s returned once again, serving up freshly made cocktails, late-night jams from the Morning Fucking Dews and some very special guests, and its incomparable brand of playa magic.

ArchaeopteryxNightBM2019.jpg DisorientSign2014inClubHouseBM19.jpg

Members of the DISORIENT community built art beyond the borders of camp, including the large-scale interactive Archaeopteryx installation and whimsical Deep Tea cart.

TOBRITPurgatoryArk.1.jpg Disorient300WattLaserBM19.1.jpg

In deep playa, the Temple of Brad Pitt — this year’s iteration of the Geodesic Temple — invited participants to briefly experience what it is to be the famous Hollywood actor. Thanks to a top-notch burn crew and tight perimeter of 70+ DISORIENTers, TOBRIT burned late on Friday night, leaving behind only the steel Ark and memories of brattpitizations past. This was the perfect lead-in to two very special burns: the explosive Man burn on Saturday night, and the visually stunning Temple of Direction burn on Sunday night.

NatCheriEvanKirbyBM2019.jpg TempleOfBradPitt.Burn20190830.1.jpg

Cell Leads

(Cell):(Cell Lead)

Production: Nitro
Registration: Nat N.
Registration website: Justin D.

Urban Plan: The Eye
Square Shade: Ed B.
Power: Sage F.
Water: TBA
Placement: Hruby
Volunteer Coordinator: TBA
Tool Master: Ed B.
Love Ministry: TBA
Lounge Decor: Shane
Showers: Ed B.
Kitchen: Joelle
Recycling: TBA
Disengage: TBA
LNT: Ocean

Club House structure: Freeman
Club House Shade: TBA
Club House Drapes: TBA
Disorient Video Sign and ENT art car: Bacchus, Jael, Peter D.
Dang Gang: TBA
Temple of Brad Pitt: The Eye, Ria
HQ Decor: TBA
Tea House: Daphne C.
DISCO Lounge: So On It
Frozen Minty Towels: Tejawe
Camp Lighting: Vadim
AV Matrix: Sofy
Sound: Charlie Funk
Music: Justin H.
Tuesday Night BBQ: Jonny Be Bad
The Duke's: A-Train
AMP'D Yoga: Donovan A.