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The Love Ministry is the contemporary umbrella for Disorient communal vibe and hospitality collaborations.


Immediately Before and After Burning Man

We contribute to the Urban Plan to best provide camp services that work well with the year's motto, goals, and infrastructure. This includes the mix of public and private spaces and services we want to provide other Burners, which is also closely ties to Disorient's placement requests within Black Rock City. We also coordinate with DDPW and Disengage, to support Disorient setup and cleanup workers with shade, music, a cold drink or a hot snack.

In the contemporary era of The Love Ministry, The Eye, The Eyepod, and The Dex have arrived before the Theme Camp setup weekend to create Disorient's seed camp; The Hut Of The Glam-Tech Warrior. The Glam-Tech Warriors survey the Disorient campsite. Love Ministry members can then meet in The Hut's shaded lounge, and learn where Love Ministry modules will be setup. The main camp lounge is then built and shaded during this setup weekend.

As camp members continue to arrive, they also check in and seek placement information for their vehicles. The Love Ministry's communal lounge provides these sometimes already sleep-deprived members of Disorient a communal space to find campmates, relax, acclimate, and plan their next moves. The final on-playa goal of The Love Ministry is to help coordinate, sometimes with Refuge, in leaving sun and wind protection and infrastrucutre for packing and de-MOOPing the Disorient campsite.

During Burning Man

Playa modules typically include greeting, registration, placement, and communal spaces such as lounges, dining areas, a kitchen which is sometimes run by co-op, bars, and the water evaporation pond, AKA "evap pool". Love modules can be places where other cells can create modules, such as mixers, potlucks, parties, and meetings. They can also include messaging centers, such as chalk boards, photo boards, and mailboxes. It can be a place where Disorienters can just check in, find and make friends, and get plugged into other communal and personal projects within Disorient.

Sometimes a relatively low-powered sound system is part of or adjacent to the Love Ministry, including camps within Disorient such as the Dragon's Den. Other, more private spaces include showers and massage tables.

The Love Ministry also reaches out to provide planning and logistical support to other zones and projects within our camp with similar goals, including Refuge, Playa Inipi, Turqsandcocos, Deep Down Disorient Daze, and Geisha Lounge. Love Ministry members have also been active in Camp Registeration, Camp and Gate Greeting and Shifts, Space Bass, stage construction, and host their own hospitality hours in their campsites and RVs.


The Love Ministry is also a forum on The Puddle for online collaboration regarding on-playa and off-playa hospitality projects, such as those at our urban parties. Examples are food preparation and service, lounges, Astral Carpet Lounge and living space.