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by Disorient Minigolf Cell

Disorient created a minigolf hole that was installed as part of the Figment "City of Dreams" MiniGolf course. The course was installed on the island from June 27, 2008 to October 12, 2008, and was playable every weekend throughout the summer.

Our hole, a combined minigolf hole and lounge space with airport-themed signage, formed the entry point into the "City of Dreams," as a place where one could escape the summer heat, lounge, socialize, and snooze.

ACL wideshot.jpg

Installation & Deinstallation

Installation of the base hole was completed by FIGMENT opening day on June 27, 2008, with completion of the Delta shade the next day. Ed & Ky performed the base install, with help from a few others on the Delta. It was a hit!

Deinstallation was performed by Archer & Jester Jaimi, who stored the hole on Governor's Island.

ACL robo.jpgACL crowded med.jpg


The submitted proposal can be found here

Key Elements include:

  • corrugated surface serving as part of the golf green as well as a lounge space (zero-g's)
  • shade (Delta-shade)
  • visually disorienting surface elements created using pink and orange astroturf
  • windsocks in the form of Disorient camp members?

Project Outline

FIGMENT is a festival taking place on Governor's Island in late June. Figment has also been asked to install a 9 hole mini-golf course on GI for the summer. The minigolf call for proposals can be found here.

Our Team

  • Friar Tuck (team lead)
  • Lowroad
  • Robo
  • Archer
  • Ky
  • Midnight Morsel
  • Sherry Cherry
  • Jester Jaimi
  • Thunderstick
  • Charlie (of Pop Studios)
  • Ocean


ACL will be open during Figment 2008 from June 27-29 and every weekend until sometime in October 2008


Planning, Construction & Design

Robo's design ACL_Plans

Construction & Build plan: ACL_Construction

Development stage: ACL_Development

Rendering by Ed

(Larger Version)

Rendering by RoBo


Signage Concept

ACLticket 34 smaller.jpg