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Ink Sketches

Design Drawings by RoBo, with input from Deep Down Disorient Daze Cell members Ocean and Friar Tuck.

Lounge Concepts

The Astral Carpet Lounge is based upon the concept of two attached Zero-G Chairs: Relax.jpg

Other Concepts



from 4/6/08

In general:

  • people like it
  • worried about size (a little big?)
  • could be great in the middle as a rest space ... build rest of course around it

playability: ball getting stuck in grooves

  • add in flat segments in middle or putty or something
  • could make putting surface flatter
  • need high walls, & separate from sitting area
  • gradient of ground: factor it into design

start: could eliminate ramp, start up high (I added a ramp up in my drawing) end: could ramp it down to make last part easier

surface: Astroturf + soft stuff underneath?

safety & durability:

  • delta shades – will they hold up?
  • weather - drainage holes and/or tar paper for waterproofing
  • putting surface: needs to be able to support people walking on it … we may need to add supports underneath (current design is prob. not walkable)

Overall people were optimistic, they loved the idea of a loungy dual purpose space, and they felt that issues with playability could be tested and fixed as we move forward with design and construction.

from 5/8/08

- Figment got a BRAF grant for minigolf for $6000! With the $$ pledged from GIPEC, this now brings the budget for the whole project to $15,000! This should definitely be sufficient to cover all materials costs.

- After the first round of submissions (which brought in 8-9 proposals), Dave and the other minigolf folks weren't really sure there were enough solid designs to do a whole 9 holes. However, at the urging of GIPEC and encouraged by the BRAF grant, it looks like the plan is to go ahead and shoot for all 9 holes.

- Out of those 9, there were 3 which met all the criteria. There were 3 more which seemed close, but on which there were questions (we were one of these). There were another 3 or so which didn't really seem plausible, well thought out, or doable.

- Main issues cited w/ our submission: who is going to build it (e.g. we need committed people), and fitness w/ theme (size is a possible concern too but I don't think it is a big issue).

- I've been talking with NTD & Archer a bit about how to make our concept fit the theme better by basically just making Robo's concept a bit more obvious. The idea is to make it the first hole, and have the Astral Carpet Lounge be an "arrivals" lounge for the City of Dreams. The idea is to put airport themed signs around the hole to make it obvious that this hole is the 'transport hub' to the City of Dreams:

  • 'Departures' or 'check in' sign at the beginning of the hole
  • A 'Welcome to the City of Dreams!' sign visible from inside the lounge
  • 'Express check in' or 'Frequent Snoozer's Club' sign over the skill shot
  • perhaps something analogous to a 'ground transportation' sign near the flag/hole itself.

And one other thing ... this emphasis on an 'airport' type thing brings me back to one obvious Disorient tie-in ... DexAir!! =) I think that most of us who did the '06 halloween bus LOVED the DexAir theme. This hole gives us a reason to bring that theme back and play with it a little bit.

So, I'd like to end this note with another 'roll call' of who can help with this project!! PLEASE, if you think you'll have time to step up this summer and give a hand, let me know!! We really need YOUR help to make this happen, and the rest of the Figment people really want to see us succeed on this one.

local construction: Ed, Jester Jaimi, ?? remote design support: Robo, Ocean additional design & building support: LowRoad?, Archer?

from 6/2/08

  • We (Alfred, David, Charlie & I) made great progress on sunday and think we have a good prototype for how to build the rest. =) Charlie's amazing router machine helped a LOT. Use of his tools & shop will, however, be a budget item.
  • I will probably be going over to Pop Studios this thursday after work for a bit to finish the prototype and test it with some type of carpeting, a ball, and a putter. NEEDED: carpet, ball, and putter =) If you have any of these let me know. **** I would really like to have one more person with me on Thursday to help assemble and test the prototype. Volunteers?
  • Pop Studios is right across the street from Materials for the Arts. We should plan a trip over there (via FIGMENT nonprofit) ... I'm checking into whether figment can get access.
  • The next major work date is June 14th .. however, if any of you are available during the week (like this thursday) to give a hand on smaller aspects, please shoot me a note. We can plan times to go over there in small groups of 2 or 3 even if we don't have more hands.
  • I took some photos of the work in progress. I'll get them posted somewhere soon and linked from the wiki page.


Materials Leads and Links

turf tiles marking paint