Deep Down Disorient Daze

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Deep Down Disorient Daze (DDDD) is a daytime public Happening geared towards chilling out to music in a group setting.

Musical performers are invited to play mental music on The Disorient Express. While Disorient's nighttime parties aim to move your body, DDDD aims to help you rest your body on cushions and seating under shade, or through slower, more deliberate motion such as Yoga, Tai Chi, etc. It is your mind we hope to feed, either to psychedelic journeys, relaxation, meditation, sleep, or good conversation. Ambient spacescapes, sounds of nature, downtempo and analog twiddling are some examples of the backgrounds provided, but the music is the vehicle, not the destination.

DDDD understands one of the daytime dilemmas of Burning Man: you to want to save or regain your strength, but you want to leave your camp and/or feel like you're "doing something" and being social.

Inspirations include:
The Disorient Express (providing both mobile sound and lounging to deep playa excursions)
The Deep End (without the dancing)
Center Camp Cafe (without the commerce and performance)
Tangiers International Zone (without the junkies)
Tearooms (without the public sex)

Location: Disorient @ Esplanade @ 8:30
Co-Curators: Ocean and Cdjilnik
Sound Guru: TBD
Time: Noon 'til 6:00 p.m. (tentative)
Lineup: (not in order yet and certainly not what they're definitely playing) Ocean [SPACE], Friar Tuck, Cdjilnik [Psychill mindspangles], and TBD (possibly Thor)

Location: The Green Pavilion @ The Man
ReX Driver: Shaggy
Curator: Friar Tuck
Sound Guru: TBD
Lineup: TBD
Time: TBD

DDDD cell members include: RoBo, Ocean, Friar Tuck, Cdjilnik