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Prototype Goals

The first order of business (after organizing our build dates, timeline, and delegating duties) will be to build a prototype of one single zero-g profile to test it for sitting comfort and playability.

We will need: - a trip to get supplies (mostly wood at this point) - a place to build (we may be able to use the roof of Grand space but I don't know when its avail.) - some type of carpet or other temp material to put on the profile to test its playability - a golf ball and putter

The goals of this will be to come up with whatever modifications or hacks are needed to make this basic surface 1) playable, and 2) sturdy enough to walk on. Most likely this will involve rounding the profile a bit or adding padding/etc. to the troughs and peaks, and designing some type of under-surface support.

Build Plan

by Ed Vessel

testing & improving zero-g prototype

- what needs to be adjusted?
- can the shape be made playable with additions in the edges?
- how do we make it structurally sound for walking (at least one section)?

build major components

- build 6 zero-g units, 2 of these for playing, 4 for lounging
- build start and finish straightaways (finish may be a down ramp)

surface elements

- modifying and tuning playing surface
- adding holes for water drainage
- cut roofing paper / waterproof rubber / etc. as a basic surface material
- astroturf: create astroturf patterns for each component and attach directly to surface material - attach astroturf/roofing surface (possibly on site)
- design & cut walls for edges & banks of the course

Skill Shot (Time-Permitting)

- optional
- design bypass for zero-g's
- cut holes & install piping

Delta shade

- settle on length and width of delta
- acquire fabric, cut, and attach to 2x4's
- build 4 8' triangles (on site)
- assemble delta (on site)
- secure to ground

Signage / Props

- Airport / Magic Carpet Travel Port / Arrivals Lounge / DexAir theme (to fit with the City of Dreams)
- settle on final set of signs
- create signs: either print & laminate or paint on wood? (to ensure they are weatherproof)
- attach to structure


- as much as possible, each component of the hole will be built off-site
- date for transport and assembly on site is not yet set
- surface elements will be designed, cut & ready to attach once base components are placed

A few design notes

- given that the surface is a big magic carpet, the surface doesn't have to be the same in all places. This would be a good way to make at least part of the putting section MUCH flatter, with perhaps more curvy/jagged/difficult parts closer to the center of the full carpet surface.
- I have a few ideas for visually disorienting carpet designs in astroturf (using 2 colors of turf). Any other suggestions/ideas are welcome
- Add ons are welcome .. e.g. Ocean proposes to add some fabric hanging from the deltas

Additional Info

- build site is in LIC (more details TBA) - some materials need to be ordered now (delta shade material, astroturf) - there is a budget. it is not determined yet but will be at least $1000 (and maybe closer to $1500) - info on tear down will be forthcoming from figment minigolf committee (possibly after burningman)

Work Dates

Sun. 6/1 - build & test zero-g prototype

[possible weekday work days 6/2 - 6/5] [possible weekday work days 6/9 - 6/13]

Sat. 6/14 - MAJOR build date Sun. 6/15 - MAJOR build date

[possible weekday work days 6/16 - 6/19]

Sat. 6/21 - MAJOR build date, but Ed out of town (need another person to lead this weekend Sun. 6/22 - MAJOR build date, but Ed out of town

[Ed out of town 6/23, 6/24 but these could be good on site work days on GI, or days for transport of large components to the island]

Wed. 6/25 - final touches ON SITE Thur. 6/26 - final touches ON SITE

Fri. 6/27 - OPENING


We can, of course, also pick a few weekdays / weeknights, and once people are up to speed, we should be able to also utilize the other weekends that I am out of town.

One critical update: I found out from NTD that we will be able to get to GI during weekdays to do the installaiton, if needed. What I _don't_ know yet (don't think its been decided even): whether Figment will be renting out some type of workspace for all the groups to use (probably unlikely).

Okay, thanks for your help! Yes, this is really going to happen! =)

cheers, Ed

Potential Build Sites

  • On site?
  • Figment may secure a build site?
  • Hot Tamale's place on SI?
  • FabLab in Brooklyn?
  • other?
  • LIC roof?
  • Pop Studios (CNC for profiles and prototype)

Build Documentation

Pop Studios 6/1/08

Prototype Images
CAD CAM: CNC Table RouterRouting
Precision-cut profile piecesProto-file
by Ed

Pop Studios 6/14/08

Profile cuts and frame assembly
Charlie and Chill Chair Factorycut and true
cut and truemodules ready for decking
by Ed