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The Harmony chandelier is a collaboration between Ocean and Montreal burner Mister D.

The main structure is made of coaxial cable painted in antique gold tone, with the central chandelier created from wire and sparkling bling. A central light brings warmth to the structure, and cushioning creates a cozy space for loving communication, to be installed at taBURNak! 4, the Montreal BM community's 'unofficial' decompression event.


- antique gold paint - pieces of old chandeliers - carpet - round pillows/pillow cases - disco mirror pieces - string beads - chain - coaxial cable - screws


The Space Bass is Ocean's camp within disorient and is also an event producer based in Ottawa, Canada.

Our first official event took place Thursday November 17th, 2011 at The Mercury Lounge in Ottawa, featuring Ghetto Funk producer Stickybuds(Kelowna, BC), Mz. Revolution & JD St-Micheal. Art installations included a gallery created by Mila Photography & Vika K, video projection by Brainwerx, Balloon Chains & the Space Bass Sign by Ocean.



Space Bass brings the sounds of solar wind and stellar journeys to Deep Down Disorient Daze. We invite you to visit our lunar party and enjoy reading through our collection of Astronomy magazines while sipping on a Mint Julep. Which will probably really turn out to be a mojito as ocean has not found the perfect recipe for Mint Juleps.

The Space Bass outpost is manned by ocean and friends from Disorient North. Past denizens are Boy Danger, Mirai and Freeon, Cdjilnik and Czeska.

Space Bass has a Delta shade and is illuminated by Fireflies and another Delta shade with 250 tiny blue twinkling LEDS and blacklit interior guarded by The Interplanetary Resplendent Basilisk.

Space Bass soundscape will be soft deep chill space mixen and acid twists from ocean and Cdjilnik.

Space Bass invites those on other ambient stellar journeys to camp nearby and share in our collective love of sci-fi sound.