Disorient CCXi Exploded Escutcheon

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An installation by The Eye at CCXi
Painted wood, metal, ropes
10' x 10' x 10'


Painted handcut plywood components of the Disorient Country Club CCXi Escutcheon hung from a Square Shade frame. Enter Country Club.

20230401ExplodedCCXiEscutcheonSlowBackAndForth.gif 20230401DisorientCCXiExplodedEscutcheon.png 20230401DisorientCCXiHutOfTheGlamTechWarrior.png

List of components


13x 1" x 10' conduit
10x 1" L Shaped Thru(FOL)
4x 1" Flat Roof Corner(F3)
4x 16' anchor ropes
4x 24" stakes

Painted wood

3x 3/4" x 48" x 96" plywood
Orange semi-gloss paint
Pink semi-gloss paint
Black matte paint
Rope to hang wooden shapes from structure


4x work lights
2x power strips
1x 25' extension cord

Cut Diagram