Disorient presents: CCXII - Possibilities of Pattern

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a Disorient COUNTRY CLUB event


Join Disorient for year 12 of our annual journey of deep chilling, off-the-grid futurist relaxation. Country Club is a lake and lush green woodland oasis where blissful self-reliance meets massive multiplayer techno and technology participation. We invite you to roam the wild forest adventuring in constantly shifting blank canvas of music, art, and performance. Country Club is a fundraiser organized by an all volunteer team. All profits are used for Disorient art creations at Burning Man.

Disorient presents: COUNTRY CLUB XII - Possibilities of Pattern
Thu, May 23, NOON to Mon, May 27, NOON 2024
Secret Location Upstate
Location released to ticket holders week of the event

2024 THEME

Disorient Country Club 2024 Theme: Possibilities of Pattern

An invitation to explore recognition of the self similar repeating patterns that create the conditioned phenomena available to experience in this world. A flexibility and rigor to recognize and interact with the apparent superstructures, finding skillful ways through, with, past and beyond.

For this theme we are exploring coherence/decoherence, omniinterregulated structuring, hot swapping capable DNA sequencers, Japanese metabolism architects, Drop City, torus knot topopolis warehouse massives, chronostasis cowboys, Vector Equilibrium jitterbugging, subtle harmonic benders, newly apparent aperiodic monotile tessellations, holobiant upgrades through groove transpositionists.


Disorient Country Club is an ephemeral dream that exists for one weekend only. Discover an ever growing and morphing participant-generated weekend of art, theme camps, art cars, art boats, and electronic and live music. Bring what you love! Join us with your creative output and share it in the beautiful tapestry woven wildly in our green forest hideaway.


TICKETS: https://events.humanitix.com/disorient-presents-country-club-xii-possibilities-of-pattern
VOLUNTEER: http://tinyurl.com/7n98ca89
SUBMIT ART: http://tinyurl.com/22vh8ku3
THEMECAMPS PLACEMENT REQUEST: http://tinyurl.com/5x7kzax7
DISORIENT WIKI: http://wiki.disorient.info/index.php?title=Country_Club
SURVIVAL GUIDE: https://countryclub.disorient.info/
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/events/1154604518841552/?active_tab=discussion






Laser lounge and polygon paradise

Lizard Lounge
A persistent musical mirror of reality, and more! A weekend marathon of good humans serving up a healthy heap of top quality music from across the Human timeline. We will have the party going for the entire weekend. We will offer libations to all participants while supply lasts. We will talk your ear off about music. If you don't watch out we will throw parties with you in NYC

Sweat and Salo (& Vodka)
Sauna upkeep with all proper sauna tricks, Soviet throw back themes, with food, drinks and snacks…

Secret Atomics
“Shadow Dancing”
Find beauty inside the Apple visionPro while dancing with yourself. Bring your headset, 7 person link

Disorient Plastic Recycling aka DPR
“On-Site Mixed-Plastic Recycling”
After all these years, words and good intents, we are still in what feels like the Stone Age of plastic recycling. A long-term solution demands that we break the table-to-landfill cycle and weave plastic recycling deep into our lives by turning it into a practice, a ritual. Located at Container Camp.

Pixy Straparola
“From Embers to Empowerment: Dismantling Patterns in a Collective Inferno”
An interactive burning art piece

Themecamp featuring music + CD burning station. No, we won’t be setting anything on fire. We’ll have some old PCs set up with a custom program to burn CDs. This can be for commemorative mixtapes or for those wanting to DJ. We will have specific times when we have CD exchanges, speed dating, etc.CD disc golf. Blacklight painting station. We will have a station set up to create your own case for your CD after you burn one of your own.Touchdesigner interactive light installation. Cuddle puddle going + Wayward Mime, We will have some conspiracy sessions and talk about the world ending etc. We will develop some of our own based around CD Camp.

Cult of the Moving Image
“Illuminated Shuttle”
An illuminated badminton court for nighttime play

Heather Honey
“This Must Be the Place"
A mystical sanctuary, offering cosmic creations for gifting or receiving. Within its walls, we rediscover our interconnectedness, bridging the collective heartbreak born from the illusion of separation caused by the Big Bang. This place reminds us that I am YOU are me - parts of the whole; holes in the parts. Feel free to take or leave a treasure, a tangible reminder of our interwoven existence."

Douggie, Radio Jack, Dmad
FM 90.3 WDCC

Radio Disorient is back for year 2! Start searching for your preferred way to listen to the FM band to hear music, Country Club updates, art happenings and deep underground in the moment data. Disorient Country Club Radio Broadcasting in FM online at https://countryclub.disorient.info

Marc Levitt
“Amphibious Ambience”
A mobile soundscape of ambient sounds created by one guitar and myriad effects. Come to meditate, medicate, and collaborate.

Camp Boozehole
Camp Boozehole returns with their ridiculous wacky wavy shenanigans, boozey offerings all weekend long, and THE RETURN OF CANNIBAL SNACKS!! Friday night party at camp to kick off our BAR SERVICE! Saturday WE RAGE. Drink us. Eat us. Join us! ONE OF US!

Viktor, Wallace Thomas, Margaret, Michael
"Surface Tension"
A diamond shaped Disorient boat that glides between the fabric of the worlds

Rebecca Nuvoletta
“Veggie King”
Experience His bounty at Veggie King - Disorient Country Club's all vegetable drive through/walk through window. Hot veggies, cold veggies or dealers choice.

Viktor Getmanchuk/Margarete Gere
"The All Nighter”
Wood powered sauna cabin, open 24/7

“Transient Pleasure Lounge”
Funk, soul, downtempo, real couches, real discussions

Jake Joaquin, Eric Mortensen, Horus, Rebecca Nuvoletta
Broadcasting directly

Tom Freudenthal
“Flower Tower”
CCXii Temple

Michael White
Dsphere is a 17.5 ft diameter spherical structure made of molded plywood creating a large dodecahedron with circular openings.

Melanie Armer, audio and game design by Stephan Moore lighting design by aldo Aguilar
“Sisyphus 2.0”
Sisyphus was an ancient Greek king who angered the gods by cheating death. His punishment was to push a giant boulder up a mountain in Hades, only to watch it roll back down every time it neared the summit. ​ ​Sisyphus 2.0 concentrates that struggle into a playful yet challenging interactive game. The six-foot steel sphere twinkles in the darkness. Two tones follow two rhythms. By turning the sphere, participants control the sounds and bring the tones into synch. ​ Roll the ball. Unlock the puzzle. Dance to the music. Repeat. Startling in its simplicity, the work speaks directly to our very human experience of trial and error and measured success, achieved by deep listening and coordinating efforts among a group of players.

Ezræl The All-Knowing & Wallstradamus
“Transformational Tarot”
Wallstradamus & Ezræ The All-Knowing, are psychic twins connected through ancient multidimensional spirit guides. As the night deepens, they harness temporal energy using the mystical power of tarot to assist those daring enough to unveil their authentic selves. Embark on an experiential journey with them as they reveal hidden prophecies from the universe's higher consciousness.

Bex Bergs
Release through Patterns: In this yoga class, you will explore the balance of flexibility and rigor, ease and effort, yin and yang, freedom and structure, expansion and release. We will connect movement with breath and observe our reactions. This class will start out slowly with restorative yin poses, and move into a vinyasa flow with active yang energy. All levels welcome and encouraged to join.

Grand Dame
Selected Video Works

Sophie Kravitz, Eric Mortensen, Erica Quitzow
“Minds Unwind”
An immersive audiovisual installation centered on three towering 7-foot heads, inviting visitors to delve into the depths of our own thoughts and perceptions, and to explore the places where our imaginations overlap.

“Baby Blue”
Making its maiden voyage at Country Club 2024 , Baby Blue is a fully solar powered, self-contained art car bringing the funKY and DISco vibes into all the lost cracks and crevices of the unknown.

Woodlands Path
“True Reflections Experience”
Enchant yourself with your True Reflection by embracing self-connection: gaze into your eyes, ignite a smile, infuse light and vitality within, creating and seeing the magic of You being You!

Belle Du Jour
“praeteritum obscura”
A web of images strung together seemingly fragile yet strangely factual and resilient

Sketchy Radek
“Symphonic Visualizer”
Interact with sound in a whole new way! Play an instrument, tell a joke, sing a song… and watch the visuals dance in tune with your unique frequency.

BRINGING AN ART CAR? please email proposals@disorient.info



Our event takes place near Shandaken, NY, 2 ½ hours north of NYC.
We will release the exact location the week of the event.
Please make sure you read our SURVIVAL GUIDE

DRIVING: 2 ½ hours north of NYC. Exact location released week of 5/21.
FLYING: We recommend flying into Newark-EWR and renting a car from the airport. For this option expect 2 ½ hours of drivetime up. Alternatively, fly into Albany-ALB- with a 1 ½ hour drive to gate.
UBER/LYFT/ETC: People have done it, prices vary
RIDESHARE FROM NYC: Check the Rideshare board and the FB event page http://tinyurl.com/jyzcv76z
BUS: Take the Trailways bus to Phoenicia and arrange a friend onsite to scoop you up. Phoenicia Trailways Bus stop is 10 mins away from our gate.
TRAIN: AMTRAK to Rhinecliff Stop ID: RHIN. Closest stop is 50 minutes away from our gate. You must arrange a ride from Rhinecliff.
TOWN CAR SERVICE: Woodstock Town Car woodstocktowncar.com (845) 679-6656 Cars, Limos Passenger Vans, service from NYC and Surrounding areas directly to our gate.
SMALL PLANES/HELICOPTER: Hunter Mountain Airport, ICAO: 97NY, 26 minutes from gate


  • There is no vending at Country Club, and no vending is allowed. Bring everything you need for survival and well-being including shade, food and water. There are no showers on site, feel free to bring your solar shower.
  • You may bring your pets but please be mindful of them, as there are coyotes in the area. Most of the camping site is in the woods.
  • Country Club is minimally RV friendly. Limited number of RV passes available. The site does not offer RV hookups.
  • This is a LEAVE NO TRACE event. This means, leave the place you visit the same or better than you found it. Bring trash bags, and take your trash with you when you leave.
  • Children over the age of 9 will require a ticket.
  • Disorient is a volunteer-run art collective.
  • Disorient has very few rules, but two require declaration and elaboration:

1. Respect personal boundaries.
2. Take responsibility for your own experience.
The interplay of these two rules forms a social contract that makes our events safe places to explore your own boundaries while encouraging respect for each other. Talk to those around you about anything that makes you uncomfortable.


Buckmister Fuller -Vector equilibrium
The AUM Conference at Esalen - 1973
George Spencer-Brown's 'Laws of Form' Basic Overview
"M. Frog" Jean Yves Labat
Keith Kritchlow "Order in Space"




a Disorient COUNTRY CLUB event