Shade System of the Hut of the GlamTech Warrior

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The shade system used at the Hut of the GlamTech Warrior on the playa is composed of two layers. The goal is to protect containers and space between containers from sun exposure.


Under layer and top layer are secured with ball-bungees to two guy-wires (blue and red on the diagram below) installed along edges of the containers.

  • The blue guy-wire makes a cross with 3 borders to support the under layer.
  • The red guy-wire runs along the bottom outside of each container to anchor the top layer.

Ratchet straps connected to both ends of each guy-wire keep shade layers in tension which creates the roof between the two containers. Additional guy-wires of ratchet straps are usually installed at the bottom of the container to create anchor points to display Banners.

Under layer

  • 100% shade trap

The under layer provides shade to the space between the containers. It is a 20' x 20' silver/brown tarp (available for instance here or here) supported by guy-wires secured to the top anchor points of the containers with ratchet straps and crossing in the center for additional support.

Top layer

  • Aluminet or similar

The top layer covers both containers and the space in-between. It is a 50' x 40' piece of aluminet* connected to the outside of the containers with about two dozen bungee cords. A couple of inches of separation between the aluminet and the container roof/sides provides space for air movement that helps keep temperature inside containers lower. If aluminet is not available, shade cloth can be used instead.

(*) Aluminet is a high quality reflective metalized HDPE knitted screen. Used in greenhouse thermal screens and as an alternative to black shade cloth. It is specially treated to prevent oxidation and protects against frost radiation damages. Also repels pests and thrips, moderates day/night temperatures. Easy to install due to light weight and high elasticity.