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Drafted by The Eye June 25, 2007

Inspired by a biological model, Disorient is an evolving and composable entity where self-assembled Cells create Modules that illustrate the Disorient Way. When several Modules and Cells aggregate, Disorient is in effect.

Disorient Way

Disorient stance

- Art-centered. Art and art production are at the core of Disorient.
- Compassionate. Nourishing. Positive energy. Inclusive. Giving. Generous. Pornj.
- Inspire. Awaken the Disorienter in others. Make Disorient viral.
- Open source. Build systems that can be taken apart by others and from which others can learn. Share your process and results by documenting on the Wiki and posting on the Puddle.
"Disorient is what happens when the cool kids are nice"(1)

Disorient aesthetics

- Explore new territories. (Re)Learn to navigate.
- Particular: pixels, dots, drops, particle systems...
- GlamTech: the style of Disorient. Glamorous Technology. Beautification of technology (and tools). Richard Serra meets John Galliano. Mylar. Aleister Crowley meets Ritchie Hawtin. Meeting of deep and shallow (not sure which is which). Sequins. Keep it beautiful.
- Pornj: the color of Disorient (pink and orange together)
- Music: House++ (House plus something else i.e. disco, jam band, techno, live drums, jazz, classical guitar, etc.)
- Feedback. Once inspired, give back, inspire others. Start a Cell and produce Modules.
- DIY. Do It Yourself. Do more. Do it all.

Disorient Cell

- Definition: One or several Disorienters working together as an independent and self-reliant entity following the guiding principles of the Disorient Way.
- Goal: to produce, on its own, a Disorient Module.
- Independent, self-reliant, self-activated and resourceful. It is result-oriented. Once formed, the Cell should act independently of Disorient. The best way to start a Cell is to start working on a Module. Chances are, other Disorienters will want to join the Cell when they understand your project and witness your dedication. Remember: to raise awareness you need to communicate.
- Complete or Report: Once you become a member of a Cell and you have accepted to take on a task, you are expected to complete that task. The smooth operation of Disorient depends on this premise. Even if the Cell works independently, it is still a part of Disorient and not completing your task may have drastic repercussions. That said, we understand things happen and sometimes you just cannot complete that task. In that case, you _must_ report to other Cell members and to the producer so Disorient can adjust accordingly. If no one can be reached post your report on the Disorient Facebook Group. You have to put the word out there one way or another. A little additional time spent on communication may save time to other Disorienters.

Disorient Module

Created by a Disorient Cell, the Disorient Module is a self-contained art installation, object or event. The Disorient Module is stand-alone and does not require another Module to perform, although it will probably gain from being juxtaposed to another Module i.e. Sound on the Dex.
Examples of Disorient Modules (some glam, others tech):
- Disorient Sign
- Disengage
- Sound
- Dex
- Rex
- Dex insurance and registration
- The Disorient DAO
- Foofie Love
- Disorient Urn
- Disorient presents: GLAMTECH
- Flags
- Running Out Of Gas
- Halo
- Pornj Diamond Cloud
- Generator and power grid
- Kitchen
- Lounge
- Delta Shade
- Shower
- Dock
- Inipi lounge
- Hut of the GlamTech Warrior
- Cover yourself in GlamTech Pornj and offer face-painting to everyone (Self-activated Geo at the Black and Light Ball 2007).
- Astral Carpet Lounge
- Body Painting Cell

Larger Disorient Modules are encouraged to be registered with BM as camps within Disorient.
Modules are described on the Wiki.

Disorient (Training) Camp
Pornj and GlamTech
Simultaneous rehearsal and presentation

(1) K8, the Puddle _http://puddle.disorient.info/viewtopic.php?t=114_ Apr. 16, 2004