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FoofLounge....a free form sofa/lounge made of stuffed animals and other soft, squishy things...the FoofLounge will spill out into The Hut of the GlamTech Warrior, creating the ultimate snuggle puddle!

‎**FOOF DRIVE** Seeking all things fluffy, fuzzy, soft & squishable for Foofie Love at Disorient! How deep is your love?....we need all the foofie love you've got...MORE!

Name a Foof

come by the lounge and name a foof

Adopt a Foof

Foofies need you... Give them love!

Check It Out!

Foofie Love at Disorient Lounge, Opulent Temple NYC, June 2010

Fuzzy Love01.jpg Fuzzy Love02.jpg Fuzzy Love03.jpg Foofie love04 otnyc062010.jpg