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by Pornj Diamond Cell (cell--AT--diamondcloud--DOT--net)

PDC "Thick Plane" at Emergence PDC at Compressor 2008

Pornj Diamond Cloud (PDC) is a collaborative sculpture. It is an on-going project made of an evolving set of fluorescent tiles (Diamonds) fabricated and "painted" by the collaborators. The Diamonds are then assembled in different configurations to create a variety of mobile sculptures. This installation was originally designed to be hung from the ceiling of a dark room lit only with black lights. PDC is an open project to which everyone is invited to collaborate by fabricating Diamonds, painting on the Diamonds or proposing configurations for the Cloud.


Each tile is a 1 ft. x 1 ft. square (diamond when rotated 45 degrees) made of a recycled cardboard base with fluorescent pornj (pink and/or orange) paper pasted on both sides. The fluorescent paper is 11"x11". It is pasted in the center of the cardboard, leaving a 1/2" cardboard frame all around it. Four 1/4 inch holes are pocked into the Diamond, 2 inches towards the center from each corner.

Cloud Configurations

The Diamonds are connected together to create strings. Strings are hung next to each other (typically every 18 inches) to create a two-dimensional matrix or plane of Diamonds. In this system negative space can be created by removing some Diamonds, therefore enabling the creation of a 1 bit (light and dark) image where "Diamond" is the light value and "no-Diamond" is the dark value. Example: PDC "G" at GlamTech 2008.

A three-dimensional matrix of Diamonds can be created by layering several two-dimensional matrices together. The result is a volume made of Diamond pixels. Examples: PDC "Thick Plane" at Emergence/Figment 2008 and Pyramid at Compressor 2008.

The Pornj Diamond Cloud is sculpted in a different configuration for each presentation, responding to each given context and generating a unique site-specific piece every time. Each presentation of the PDC carries with it the testimonies drawn on the Diamonds by the players of the previous presentations emerging as an instance of the collective memory of all the players who have participated to the art play. PDC is an evolving art work that can be experienced, read and written every time it is presented. It is a shape-shifting patchwork of memories and testimonies.

Instances of the Cloud

PDC at GlamTech 2010

PDC at Compressor 2008

PDC at Compressor 2008 PDC at Compressor 2008 PDC at Compressor 2008 PDC at Compressor 2008
PDC at Compressor 2008 PDC at Compressor 2008 PDC at Compressor 2008 PDC at Compressor 2008

PDC and Black Light Chandelier above the dancefloor.

PDC "Thick Plane" for Emergence at Figment 2008

PDC at Emergence PDC at Emergence PDC at Emergence
PDC at Emergence PDC at Emergence PDC at Emergence

The installation of PDC for Emergence at Figment 2008 invites the audience to participate to the project and personalize each Diamond by writing and/or drawing on them. For this installation the sculpture will be configured as a three Diamonds-thick horizontal plane that will take-up the space of the entire room. The height of this plane allows most standing participant to have an immersive experience with their heads in the cloud. A pen will be the last element hanging at the bottom of each string of Diamonds. This pen will be used by the players to individualize the Diamonds by writing and drawing on them. The art work could be installed in its own room on the 2nd floor of Building 14 on Governor's Island, New York City.

PDC relates to the concept of emergence because it is in constant evolution and redefines itself every time it is installed in a new configuration or in a new space. As a dynamic artwork, PDC challenges the classical idea of sculpture; it is not fixed in one form or in one scale, it is in process of coming into being. Each presentation of PDC makes it stronger and makes it mutate, allowing the Cell to refine it and accepting input from outsiders. Much like fractals, PDC is generated by a set of rules. It is an analog instance of algorithmic art.

Special requirements for PDC plane at Emergence:
- one hundred anchor points in the ceiling;
- electricity for black lights;
- windows covered with black material.

PDC "G" at GlamTech 2008

PDC "G" at GlamTech

Pornj Diamond Cell

The Pornj Diamond Cell is a group of artists, mostly members of Disorient, that formed around the Pornj Diamond Cloud project. The Cell includes both experienced and aspiring artists. The Cell designed the Pornj Diamond Cloud to explore interactivity, collaboration, distributed creativity, artist's identity and sustainability in the arts. The Cell welcomes new members and invite them to fabricate Diamonds, personalize them and submit proposals for new PDC configurations and presentation spaces. Learn more about Disorient Cells.

Making the Diamonds