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Puddle discussion: Mobile units

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Several vehicles carry the Disorient Sign, art installations and lounge to deep playa destinations during Burning Man 2005.

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The bus (ex VoterDrive) carries the first four letters of the Sign and has a side extension for the reclining area that circles around the DJ booth. In the dex01 configuration (this page) the colored spheres represent place-holders for modules that snap onto the bus. These modules include light sculptures such as Firmament, dimensional screens to be used by guerrilla video projections and sculptures/installations by members of Disorient including Leo Villareal and Anakin Koenig. A special rack is installed onto the bus to hold those modules. The main unit (likely to be a school bus) is equiped with DJ booth, sound system and lounge. The front of the bus is a private area for members of Disorient.


In the dex01 configuration, the EyePod and the MylaRV--two private vehicles with lounging potentials--carry the remaining letters of the Sign. The images below show the set-up fully deployed in parked position. The three vehicles are driven to and from the place of the installation independently.


The DI5ORIENT EXPRESS will change location several times during Burning Man but it is not meant to be a transportation unit like the Nautilus. It is a mobile installation that changes context three to five times during the week. It is docked every time next to a different large-scale installation and gives Disorienters and Burners the opportunity to experience and get to appreciate several sculptures (including the Man on Saturday night) and the deep playa for extended periods of time. The DI5ORIENT EXPRESS paired with selected playa installations creates a dramatic yet comfortable environment that includes dance floor and chill-out area.


Explore the deep playa in the comfort of your own puddle with the DI5ORIENT EXPRESS.