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Puddle discussion: Mobile units

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There are modular racks on top of and under the Disorient Express. The Sign and the snap-on modules will be attached to these racks.

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Both racks (above and under the vehicle) are built on the same principle. Each rack is made of three hollow metallic poles (6" x 4" section) that cover the entire length of the vehicle. Those poles are connected to each other and attached to strong metal beams that hold he body of the bus. Each pole has slots (every foot or so) on its sides, large enough to slide two 2x4 wooden studs next to each other.

The 2x4 studs of variable length (from 8' to 12') slide in and out of both sides of the vehicle allowing large and heavy equipment/artworks to be installed on top and on the sides of the vehicle.


Possible finishes for the outside of the Dex:
- matte black (so the support disappears in the night and the attached artworks and the inside are more distinct)
- gold
- matte playa color (like the Borg containers)