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Puddle discussion: DeX operations

Team Members 2009

  • Tejawe
  • Ky
  • add your name here

Team Members 2007

  • Alex
  • Michelle
  • Dafong
  • Big Dawg
  • Artur
  • Inane
  • Ilya
  • Jesus
  • k8 (i want to bartend and have unlimited lottery winnings all week long)
  • add your name here


The DOT runs the Dex, including both the physical vehicle and the events it's used for.

This includes:

  • Moving The DEX
  • Setting up a bar and pouring liquid joy
  • Cranking up the system and blasting gorgeous sound
  • Helping our guests keep the Playa clean
  • Keeping our parties fabulous!



  • A crew of six will manage the moves. The crew will be wearing special banners ("DOT: Dex Operations Team").
  • Crew will include a driver, four walkers -- one per corner -- and a spotter who will ride next to the driver.
  • Spotters will warn pedestrians and will be able to halt the vehicle with a voice and hand signal.
  • The bus will only move in low gear and will be prepared to stop on a voice and hand signal from any spotter.
  • No passengers will be allowed to get on or off the vehicle while it is in motion.
  • All drivers will be 100% stone cold sober and will possess New York State Class B licenses (or the equivalent) for the legal and safe operation of the vehicle.


  • While the vehicle is parked, its engine will be shut off, and all power will be provided by external and on-board generators.
  • The vehicle will provide light through the on-board light sculpture, large Disorient sign, and external spotlights.
  • A sound installation will be deployed outside the vehicle, with sound control on board the bus.
  • DOT members are allowed to win the lottery and have unlimited threesomes all week long.