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Rising from the dust for it's second year, the Teatro di Sorient returns as a more tessellated avatar. In this year, the teatro compound will offer new sensory experiences combined with heightened spacial viewing and featuring old world hospitality.

The Structure

Our theater is 3 floors tall, the architecture features three faces of viewing direction in "c" shape. The structure is built from pallet rack. Teatro di Sorientoffers an immersive plush experience where the 4th wall is completely exploded. Music, dance, spoken word and free form play are all encouraged with some scheduled and mostly open format interactions.

The Opera Boxes

The opera boxes provide elevated views of the playa, rest, shade and comfort. Each box has it's own foam bedding and curtain that can be closed or opened depending on the needs of the occupant. Ladders provide access to each floor. All floors of the teatro are open to the playa 24 hours a day. The opera boxes are idea for dancing, watching the playa from above, listing to music, resting after singing at our karaoke stage, attending one of our yet to be scheduled lectures or enjoying sunrise with a cup of our tea from our bar.

The H20 Sparkling water and Tea bar

Nestled within the cafe is a plush journey into a soul cavern of love. The Disorient pornj stars welcome the playa to our teatro. Our bartenders will be slinging pink herbal teas and cold bubbling water to the teatro patrons and performers. A plush bar atmosphere evokes the liquid soul of the 1970s.

The Light Tunnel

Featured in the Teatro compound is a light installation with a journey that starts with UV black light the fluorescent color wlll move your through LPS, extremely low CRI. This section removes the ability to distinguish color. It is as close as one can get to being in a black and white film in real life. The tunnel continues to HMI + fan, a super bright full color spectrum and wind, a sensory roller coaster and visual palette cleanser.