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Camp Leads: Disorient at Large
Urban Plan: The Eye
Placement: Hruby
Registration: Canaan
Art Director: Rebecca
Assistant Art Director: Angela
Lighting Lead: Vadim
Sound: Douggie
Dome: JD
Water: Playa Barbie
Volunteer Coordinator: Mya
LNT: Ocean


Food and Beverages

Please do not bring glass bottles to playa. Buy beer in cans only and flatten your cans to prep for recycling. De-moop your food as much as possible.

Costumes! Please keep it tidy and respectful

Please do not bring to Disorient, Native America Head Dresses, heavily beaded costumes, moopy feather boas, flaky paint. Tight pants are a fine alternate.
Questions about feathers? Please take a moment to read this BM Journal http://journal.burningman.org/2014/06/black-rock-city/leaving-no-trace/feathers-are-moop-right-well-that-depends-on-you/

NYC Container

Block out Sunday August 14th in your life! The Kostume Kult Container to playa gets loaded that day! We will all be loading our personal stuff at the same time we load our camp infrastructure. WHY? So when we send our box truck on playa to go get camp things, YOUR bin can be grabbed too! Otherwise...it's a bit of a walk over to KK to go get your personal bin! SO please plan on staying and playing the afternoon of the 14th to load YOUR things and OUR things! We expect to collect our things on playa from KK Container Wednesday of early arrival week.
Please watch for emails from KK Container regarding container arrival date. Disorient no longer has the Dock in NYC! If you are unable to pickup your items, please arrange alternate plans. Unfortunately we cannot collect orphan Disorient camper bins this year.

LA Truck

Want to ship your things to playa on the Disorient LA truck? Price will be $4.25 cu foot.


HRH: Notes from placement

Great care was put into configuring this year’s layout to accommodate our numbers and achieve a concentric urban design. Please do your best to protect the layout and maintain integrity of the service roads.

Should an urge to relocate yourself arise please see HRH for information on prevailing winds, tide tables etc. Such things were taken into consideration when placing you and will be useful in Disorienting the group should you care to deviate. You have been positioned for optimum service hose access and to be powered by our grid. Think round and keep it clean.Our camp is going to look awesome from Space!

We have undertaken a bold social experiment with70,000 front row seats. Eyes are upon us. Let us have our eyes upon ourselves and be ready, in the words our Disorient Founder, the King ofBling to, "Expect the unexpected, and be prepared to adapt your well-drawn plans in an instant. Everything will NOT go as planned! Laugh when the sunshines and laugh when it rains".

Upon arrival every camper needs to report to HQ for placement by HRH. No campers may place themselves. HQ is open24 hours a day.


All campers will need to bring 1 50' 14 gauge extension cord if they want to use private power access to their tents. Spider boxes will move an access point to within 50 feet of your tent. Example purchase Link here: http://www.homedepot.com/p/Husky-50-ft-14-3-Extension-Cord-AW62608/202353284 It is also recommend you bring a personal use power strip.

12 gauge is also acceptable and even preferable.

Water usage

2016 Camp dues include group water. We will be setting up showers this year. Please bring baby wipes to baby wipe your dishes (and self) to keep gray water use down. If gray water tanks are overfilled, the entire camp cannot take showers until we are pumped.

Virgin? Meet your Virgin Wrangler

Karen Kelly from Austin has been recruited and is on standby to start interacting with our virgins. She is planning both pre and week-of activities and orientations.

Special LNT info for RVs

- if you're making a front porch, please lay down a drop cloth. No astroturf or carpets are permitted, no exceptions
- Never, ever let it hit the ground - especially cigarette butts.
- Sweep for moop before you disengage
- check for drips every time you come back to camp
- if you see a drip, alert HQ
- if you see a drip, find a bucket, tarp or cardboard to prevent it from getting onto the playa IMMEDIATELY (stress this point please!)
- as mentioned, moop around your RV before leaving it
- if you rented bikes, park them INSIDE your RV, not beside
- lock your RV and leave keys for pickup with HQ


What to Expect

We work early in the morning, break for the heat of the day, and continue to dinner. Suppliers and weather can be unpredictable, please bring enough food and water to sustain yourself in case of emergency. We are anticipating having a kitchen for build week.

Work Clothes

We build large scale art. Dress accordingly for maximum comfort while building in the desert. Cotton is always a good choice.

Live without your bin for a few days

Most likely Disorient will make a run to the container on Wednesday of build week. Plan to bring EVERYTHING you need to survive without your bin for the first half of build week. Keep an eye on FB to learn if the containers are expected to arrive on time.


Moop: Day to day clean living

Please see our 2015 LNT plan, most of this info still applies! http://wiki.disorient.info/index.php?title=Lnt_plan

Disorient frontage: Your living room

All campers will take turns being frontage hosts at our Sparkly Water Bar located in the ground level of the Teatro di Sorient. Please check your email and look for a note from our volunteer coordinator to schedule your mandatory shift. Frontage bartenders will welcome burner, sling bubbly water, tea at night, and share the Disorient experience. Frontage bartenders also help man bikes/traffic control, moop frontage and assist with stage management if needed.

Kitchen 2016- camper lead and operated

Nitro and Amber have been hard at work setting up our 2016 Kitchen. We will have dinner and cold breakfast. Please plan accordingly for your own individual nutrition needs beyond the basics. We will have gluten free and vegetarian options. If you signed up to be part of the kitchen cell, Mya our Volunteer Coordinator will be contacting you to help you schedule your kitchen shift. SHOW UP FOR YOUR SHIFT! Leaving your campmates stranded is not cool.

Bedouin Tech Lounge

Lead by Mafia from the BT crew, this area is available for dining, lounging and enjoying a fire at night. Please help keep the area tidy and be respectful by cleaning any visible moop. This is your house too!

Law Enforcement Interactions

1.Never bring law enforcement back to camp. Do not lead them back to camp for your ID. Keep your ID or a copy of your ID with you at all times. 2. Please do not send items to yourself from through United States Post Office if it can be avoided. In 2016, we saw officers following mail carriers on their rounds to gain entry to camps and watch packages being opened. 3.Please read this guide: https://www.lawgives.com/guide/53f694a67777774a6b0c0000/Burning-Man


Notes from Poprocks

Disengage is an all-camper exhibit! Prepare your pornjy hearts for a display like no other.

Saturday and Sunday ALL HANDS on deck - we (lovingly) tear it all down and put it away, from teatro and Bedouin tech to personal items and shade - all of it goes in trucks and containers and personal chariots.

Everything leaves the playa. We are a model camp setting an example for 70,000 burners. Disorient leaves no trace.

Love, coffee, and hard hats handed out generously!


Teatro di Sorient

Main article: Teatro di Sorient

Rising from the dust for it's second year, the Teatro di Sorient returns as a more tessellated avatar. In this year, the teatro compound offers new sensory experiences combined with heightened spacial viewing and featuring old world hospitality.

The H20 Sparkling water and Tea bar

Nestled within the cafe is a plush journey into a soul cavern of love. The Disorient pornj stars welcome the playa to our teatro. Our bartenders will be slinging pink herbal teas and cold bubbling water to the teatro patrons and performers. A plush bar atmosphere evokes the liquid soul of the 1970s.
Each camper will be taking a shift to man the bar this year, please watch out for a email from our Volunteer Coordinator Mya to help schedule your shift!



Tetrax by Geodesic Temple

Main article: Tetrax