Country Club 2020 and 2021 Postponement Notice

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To our friends, family, confidantes, fellow lovers and dreamers, from the Country Club X Team,

Due to intergalactic events that are currently causing chaos, disarray, pandemonium, and a general brouhaha from alpha centauri all the way to the crab nebula; we are again forced to delay departure of spaceship Astrodynamica until more suitable conditions prevail.

That is to say, we need to push Country Club to a safer date in 2021.

For many of us, this is a place where we meet friends that we only see a handful of times a year, feed parts of our souls that do not have many other outlets, and expand our worlds by sharing experiences with those with whom we would otherwise not be granted company. We miss all of you, and we hope you are finding ways to stay connected despite the situation. These times are difficult, but it can be made better when we move through these times together.

So here we are, moving our date to spring of 2021, and we are really, _really_ looking forward to seeing you there: so long as we don't get invaded by bugbears or extragalactic extremists or whatever else the multiverse decides to up the ante with. Frankly, we would find very little surprising. Our spirits are high for a successful launch when conditions clear.

Your tickets are still good for our postponed date, Thursday May 27th, 2021 through Monday May 31st 2021. We can’t wait to see you at the gate and enjoy our forest escape together. As always, refunds are available to those requesting via Eventbrite.

While we continue this long strange trip to our launch date, Disorient has a few ways to come chill with us. We will be gathering in the Multiverse at Virtual Black Rock City 2020, as well as some online happenings. Keep an eye on our FB pages for information on how to join Disorient presents: SO GOOD, our online portal to the Disorient experience.

In the meantime, as we inch closer, we will be keeping you all informed on how our planning is going, volunteer, theme camp and art forms will remain open.
Stay safe out there,

The Country Club X Team