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In 2006, years before BM offered container storage, Disorient acquired two 20 ft. ISO containers. We purchased more the following years. In those containers we store materials for our art installations and for the infrastructure of our camp.



Evergreen #2020 (GeoTem) stored at Courtney Rock


PC 004 () stored at BM Storage

PC 005 () stored at BM Storage

PC 141 () stored at BM Storage

PC 132 (HRC) stored at BM Storage

PC 213 (Pallet Rack) stored at BM Storage


D18Containers.jpg D18ContainersPodMahal.jpg



Dock Container (2016)


Tool Container (2015)

by The Eye

DisorientToolContainer20150727.1.jpg DisorientToolContainer20150727.2.jpg DisorientToolContainer20150727.3.jpg

Pallet racks create bench and storage on both sides.
Similar configuration as pallet rack at Dock but with shallower (28" or 30") uprights.
Black Crates fit under the benches on both sides. 10 crates total.
Table in front is to drop tools so ToolMaster can store them and keep container organized.

Pallet rack elements:
4x 28" or 30" by 8' uprights
12x 180" beams
3/4" plywood

2010 GeoTem Container visual inventory

GeoTem Container Inventory

2010 Proposal for Workshop in a container

by The Eye (discussed with Tejawe, BriteLite, Devyn and others at BM 2010)

With more art installations and constructions being done at Disorient camp on the Playa, tool organization and wrangling has become a demanding task. In 2010, BriteLite did a good job as Disorient Shop Master on the Playa. The Disorient Containers and their content were kept together more than ever before. But we still need to organize our tools better and take better care of them. At BM 2010, for instance, it rained several times while most of our power tools were outside, unprotected. We also cannot find a 2000W and a 3000W Honda silent generators. They'll probably re-emerge somewhere but they were needed and could not be located during the burn. So, we need an appropriately-sized, well-organized space to keep and maintain the Disorient tools which will allow us to keep building Tighter and Brighter installations.

The Disorient Workshop is such a space. Set in a container this Workshop would have a custom side opening with a counter as interface between inside and outside, storage managed by the Shop Master and a workspace where Doers could get small/precise tasks done while being protected from the elements. The Disorient Workshop would provide a clear central place to pick-up and return tools, a protected place for tools, appliances and generators storage, a space to build and assemble components for art projects, and last but not least no more unpacking/repacking. We could transform one of our existing containers or possibly acquire a new one. See rough sketches below.

We might want to consider storing the Disorient Workshop in NYC when it is not on the Playa so we can use its content during the rest of the year. In that case we would be looking for a Nimby or Treasure Island-type situation in/near NYC instead of classic studio space.

Container workshop pers01.jpg
Container workshop pers02.jpg
Container workshop pers03.jpg


Container door idea01.jpg Container door idea02.jpg


First Disorient container drop