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by Disorient

List of stuff stored in our space in Empire (next to Gerlach) after BM 2004


1"x2"x?: 120 pieces
1"x4"x12': 20 pieces
2"x4"x8': 14
zero-g 3/4 plywood: 4x8: 16 new, 12 old
3/4 plywood: 2'6"x3': 23 pieces
peg board: 4x6: 8 pieces

Zero-G Couches

3/4"x approx. 4'x8' plywood profiles: 60
1x3x8: 680 pieces
(one 8' couch uses 4 profiles. 3/4" plywood de-laminates due to screw holes and environmental wear, so even staggerring holes may not yield more than 2 years of use per profile)

Shading Material

black mesh: about 80 feet x 12' wide

Gogo platforms

wood square 4x4x5": 2 pieces
metal and plexi round 4'x4'x18": 2 pieces


about 10 bikes in good working conditions
a carton box full of ~ 25 tubes, Presta and Schareder valves, 24in and 26in (diameter), in unknown proportions.

Photos of our storage after BM 2002