The Eleventh

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by Geodesic Temple
Shandaken, NY - May 2023

This temple is made of eleven wooden octahedra to commemorate Country Club's eleventh edition.




Material and Tools

- 132x Simas Connectors for 11 octahedrons
- 39x Lowroad Connectors to connect 39 edges
- 70x 8' NON pressure-treated 2x4's to cut in half onsite. Octahedral edges are 49" long
- 498x 1" (1 1/4" ok too) Lag screws:
2 per Simas, 132x2=264
6 per Lowroad, 39x6=234
Total: 264+234=498

- 2x folding tables
- 1x miter saw
- 2x impact drivers and battery packs
- Electrical extension cords
- Basic toolbox


Lead: Ninja
Burn: Johnny B
Build: Jason 1969, John F., Lowroad, Phil J., Ninja, The Eye


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