Temple of Zero Gravity

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Physical description

Two levels of Zero G Sofas facing in. Steps supported by inverted pyramid similar to TOBRIT. Possibility of central chandelier, waking dream enhancer?...
20211025TOZTY.w.jpg 20211025tTozty.h.jpg

20211025TOZTY.q.jpg 20211025TOZTY.f.jpg 20211025TOZTY.s.jpg 20211025TOZTY.a.jpg


The Temple of Zero Gravity (TOZ) is the progeny of Geodesic Temple and the Zero Gravity Chair.

TOZ is composed of a wooden octahedral structure framing rings of elongated wooden Zero Gravity Chairs, the Zero G Sofas. The sculpture rests on a single point--one of the vertices of the main octahedron. Burners who climb up the stairs inside the lower edges of the structure to access upper levels can then recline on the Zero G Sofas. Those sofas are designed to alleviate some of the sensations of gravity making them precious waking dreams enablers.

Inspired by NASA's design to minimize the trauma that the thrust of a Saturn V lift-off could inflict on the body of the astronauts, Disorient's Zero G Chairs distribute the weight of the body evenly on the surface of the chair. Once you forget your body, sky's the limit.

Zero G Chairs have been part of our visual vocabulary since Disorient's inception at the very beginning of the second millennium.

Early drawings and research

Two levels of Zero G Sofas facing in. A second TOBRIT-size inner OH provides additional structure to support the sofas. Anchoring cables.
20211024TempleOfZeroGravity.q.jpg 20211024TempleOfZeroGravity.h.jpg

20211024TempleOfZeroGravity.w.jpg 20211024TempleOfZeroGravity.r.jpg 20211024TempleOfZeroGravity.s.jpg 20211024TempleOfZeroGravity.a.jpg

Eight levels of Zero G Sofas facing in. The top four levels are a mirror image of the bottom four.
20211023TempleOfZeroGravity.q.jpg 20211023TempleOfZeroGravity.d.jpg 20211023TempleOfZeroGravity.f.jpg

20211023TempleOfZeroGravity.r.jpg 20211023TempleOfZeroGravity.t.jpg 20211023TempleOfZeroGravity.a.jpg

Six square formations of Zero G Sofas follow the 3 squares that make the octahedron.

20211022TempleOfZeroG.w.jpg 20211022TempleOfZeroG.r.jpg 20211022TempleOfZeroG.t.jpg


TOBRIT installation in progress, BM 2019.