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A Disorient Sign on Sleds by Leo, Lowroad and The Eye

The Sled Sign is designed to be an element of the frontage of Disorient Camp at BM 2014.
It is an interactive installation and separation between the camp and Esplanade. There is one Sled Sign on each side of the Dome. Two Sled Signs total. Because it is on Sleds, this Sign can be reconfigured at will. Individual elements can be moved around by anyone. This installation adds a third dimension to the usually two-dimensional Disorient Sign. Moving the Sleds simultaneously affects semantic and architectural realms.

DisorientSledSign2014 2.1.jpg DisorientSledSign2014 1.4.jpg DisorientSledSign2014 1.1.jpg DisorientSledSign2014 0.jpg

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An 8'x8' frame that can hold up to 64 pixels (10"x10"x1" each on sketches above) stands on two skis 8' apart or as much as necessary to withstand playa winds. For ease of use and durability the Sled has no moving parts therefore does not require much maintenance if any. 8'x8' frame and Sled come apart for efficient storage. The Sled could be made out of chain-link fence elements. Chain-link fence provides many anchoring options for the pixels.


The DISORIENT logo is broken down into squares of 8 pixels by 8 pixels instead of being broken down into letters the way Disorient Signs usually are. This has a couple of implications:
1. If the Sleds are not placed exactly next to each other, the Sign becomes a series of abstract shapes. This is a desired effect and even though the word Disorient may no longer be readable the Sled Sign preserves a strong Disorient identity through its visual vocabulary. Parts of the word DISORIENT can still be legible depending on the configuration of the Sleds and the perspective of the viewer. Disorienting but recognizable the Sled Sign is pushing further into abstraction the fragmentation of the Disorient Sign which started with the DEX in 2005. It says Disorient, with humor, and is a alternative to the dogmatic Sign.
2. Installation is easy to store because all parts have identical dimensions.


Pixels can be made out of painted wood or any other material. Keep in mind that it needs to be able to resist playa weather. Pixels do not need to be square but they should fit in a 12"x12" square to avoid overlap and should be smaller than that to avoid touching each other.


The Sled Sign needs to be lit at night. There are many options. Spotlights can be placed on the ground in front of it, each Sled could have its own light(s) or pixels could be lit individually. To eliminate wires between Sleds each unit could have its own power generation. Solar power might be the way to go.


Each Sled has its own solar power setup (solar panel, charge controller and battery). Electricity collected during the day is used at night to light the pixels, individually or as a whole, on each Sled.
A simpler but less bright/controlable solution is to include a solar garden light on each pixel.