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by Pixel Fresco Cell (pixelfresco aatt disorient ddoott info)

Pixel Fresco is a series of wall installations made of pixels of variable sizes (pixels used for Galaga for instance were 8 1/2" x 8 1/2"). Pixel Fresco installations are usually made of fluorescent paper pixels presented under black light but can be designed to work with other light sources. Subjects can be abstract or figurative and are often interpretations of motifs from video games.

Galaga at BLB2007 Diskk invaders05.jpg Disorient Pixel Fresco GT2009 01.jpg Diskk invaders02.jpg

PAC MAN (GlamTech 2012)

PFC members: Archer and crew

PACMAN PixelFresco GlamTech2012.jpg

DISORIENT (GlamTech 2010)

PFC members: The Eye, (add your name here)

Please send pictures of this installation to pixelfresco aatt disorient ddoott info


PFC members: The Eye, D9.

Disorient Pixel Fresco GT2009 01.jpg Disorient Pixel Fresco GT2009 02.jpg GlamTech Pixel Fresco GT2009 01.jpg GlamTech Pixel Fresco GT2009 02.jpg

DISKK INVADERS (Black and Light Ball 2008)

PFC members: The Eye, Archer, Midnight Morsel, Hot Sauce, Hiro (add your name here).

Diskk invaders01.jpg Diskk invaders02.jpg Diskk invaders03.jpg Blb3.jpg
Diskk invaders04.jpg Diskk invaders07.jpg Diskk invaders08.jpg
Diskk invaders05.jpg Diskk invaders06.jpg Diskk invaders09.jpg

  • Art in Progress

Diskk invaders.gif
Diskk Invaders

Space invaders.gif
Space Invaders


Sign stars02.gif
Sign Stars02

Sign stars.gif
Sign Stars

Monotype stars.gif
Monotype Stars



  • Working Files

Pixel template
Pixel template

Pixel templatePixel template - Black

Layout referenceLayout reference

Staples-Stickies 565448.jpg

Zip file including 1.PSD of template, 2. white on black template, 3. black on white template

Galaga (Black and Light Ball 2007)

PFC members: The Eye and Archer.
Galaga at BLB2007 Galaga at BLB2007 Galaga at BLB2007
Installing Galaga Installing Galaga Installing Galaga