Personal Boundaries

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Disorient has very few rules but two require declaration and elaboration:

1. Respect personal boundaries.
2. Take responsibility for your own experience.

The interplay of these two rules forms a social contract that makes our events safe places to explore your own boundaries while encouraging respect for each other.

A few words about boundaries:

Recognize them and then respect them. People have different comfort levels with physical and emotional intimacy. Further, there are lots of people here who have known each other for years – their boundaries with each other are going to be different than with someone they don’t know. Before you assume someone wants a big kiss or a new best friend, ask them. Being direct like this is not a kill-your-buzz obligation. It is expected protocol.

So what does all this mean in practical terms? When someone says NO, it means NO. Regardless of what has happened prior to that moment, ‘No’ is a BIG red light. It also means that cajoling, pleading, or any form of emotional blackmail after that is UNACCEPTABLE.

YOU must be able to say NO. Be sober enough to be in control. YOU are responsible for your experience. Perceived fear of “confrontation” or “not having someone like you” will only detract from this experience. YOU are in charge of your boundaries and how they get pushed or not. Talk to those around you about anything that makes you uncomfortable.

By attending our events or camping with us you agree to follow these rules. Violating these community values will result in your removal from our events and/or camp.