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Promotion Plan for Disorient Parties
(to do list: create links from words in the plan)

Party Parameters

Identify Parameters of the Party:

- Line-up
- Find and book space
- Date

Develop Promotional Copy

- Flyer text
- Drink Special info
- Items for sale info
- Other specific party info
- Made Event copy example

Post Copy on the wiki in the events page

- Distribute the exact URL of the party info to promotion cell. This is the official source to get the latest version of the copy
- Update the wiki page as fresh info becomes available

Print publications

Info about the party must be sent to the publications at least 3 weeks in advance.

Time Out Magazine

Email Listing to the following addresses:

L Magazine

Email Listing to the following addresses:

Village Voice

(add others here)



- Design and print Flyers (tarot card or other interesting design)


- Everyone should carry flyers with them at all time. Invite people to YOUR party by spreading the Pornj/GlamTech gospel. This is more effective than leaving a stack of flyers in a shop.
- Local events: Compile a list of events. Send group of 3 or more people. Great party attitude a plus
- Pre-Compressor Events:

  1. PS 1
  2. Turntables on the Hudson
  3. Asylum HH
  4. Kostume Kult Oz
  5. Festivus
  6. Figment

- Distribute in stores in your neighborhood (include link to list of stores here)
- Hired Distributors (last resort): Shaw Promotion: Andy Shaw 718-360-9590

Online Promo


- Flavorpill
How to Submit Events Information to Flavorpill NYC:

If you think it's a good fit for our audience, we'd love to hear about your event. In addition to depending on our writers and editors to scour the cultural landscape for interesting things to write about, we do rely on event organizers, PR contacts, and readers to tell us what's going on.

All emails sent to NYC_events *at* will be read by a number of editors. Your mail will not disappear into an email black hole! You can also add NYC_events *at* to your mailing lists. Again, it's better to send information to that address rather than individual people at Flavorpill NYC. There is no guaranteed way to get your event listed in Flavorpill NYC. But there are a few things you can do to make our life easier and increase your chances:

Include ALL relevant information:

Date, time, price, address, contact phone numbers, weblinks etc. If we have to go hunting for that info ourselves, it's a bit of a drag. URLs/website addresses are preferred to attachments. Although attachments aren't a complete no-no, they are time consuming to open. We also require an official "event info" URL to direct our readers to that has all of the event details. Tell us about any giveaways you can offer. Although each preview in Flavorpill NYC is selected purely on editorial merit — we don't accept payment from event organizers — it's always useful for us to know if you are able to offer free tickets or other deals for your event. If we do end up running a preview of your event, someone from Flavorpill NYC will be in touch to organize a giveaway. Tell us about those city gems. Not everything we preview in Flavorpill NYC is an "event" per se. We also write about little-known parks, walking tours, markets, getaways, etc. Send us your recommendations! Please note the following: Flavorpill NYC is not a comprehensive listings publication. We cherry-pick and preview the best cultural events going on in the city over a seven-day period. We don't list every small event going on and rarely run repeated previews for regular events. We cover a wide range of events each week: theatre, art, music, DJs, photography, architecture, readings, performance, multimedia, film, comedy, etc. We try to maintain as broad a range of coverage as possible every week. So that might mean not covering a particularly good event if we already have lots of similar events being covered in that week's mailer. We do not cover private or invite-only events. We do not cover sold-out events. We prefer events that are not expensive.

- The Melting Pot NYC
- Nonsense NYC


- Disorient group on FaceBook - Go to the event page and share the event by clicking on the "share" button under the image on the right.
- Disorient on MySpace
- Resident Advisor
- - Post on Upcoming Events as soon as you know about the event then post answers on this thread as often as possible especially in the last 2 days before the event to keep the party on top of the list. A great way to add to a thread on rhytmism is to enter an image in your post. Images from past Disorient events are always good. Here's how Edith Pink does it.

Discussion Groups

- Tribe:
The following is a list of Tribes that we can post events to:

  • Disorient
  • Kostume Kult
  • Sub Swara
  • NYC Burning Man
  • Freek Factory
  • NYC Hoops tribe
  • The Best of New York

- NY Burner List
- - -

Note: Posting once in a forum or a website is great but not enough. Once you've posted, put a link on the puddle to the exact URL of your promotional post so other puddlers can go and add comments to your posts to keep it lively. This is an important step as it will keep the promotional post at the top of the list on the website and in some cases (such as, push the party higher on the list of parties.


- Personal Emails lists: Friends contact friends about the party (1 email a week before the party and a second email the day before the party)
- Disorient master email list (on managed by HotSauce.
- Add email subscription tool to parties page on wiki

Register to the disorient mailing list (to be moved): <htmlet nocache="yes">iContactDisorientManual</htmlet>

Disorient Promotional Material

Disorient pool on Flickr (stills0
Black and Light Ball 2006 (video)
Disorient presents: GlamTech 2007 (video)