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Contact Information

The NYC Container Website

Current information

From an email sent May 31st:

1. Container load-in will be Saturday, August 11, 2007!! If you can not make it that day, you need to get a notarized legal form to us either before you go away or to accompany your goods with whomever brings them for you! (we'll email you the form)

2. Payment via paypal (the only way) will begin the first week of July. Keep an eye out for that information in the following emails. Costs will be slightly higher than last year but not significantly (still under 5 bucks per cu/ft if you get in early!)

3. Remember that you are going to be responsible for 100% of the information on the website when it's ready. Not knowing is not an excuse! (we love you!)

4. All container correspondence must come through this email. Please do not email Cinemagirl or Nickname privately because you won't get a response. All our correspondence has to be in writing, so this is where we do it!

From an email sent Apr. 24th:

1. We are getting our ducks in a row and dates in order. The Boston crew and We have just learned that the rail prices have gone up a little bit this year. What does this mean? Likely a raise in prices from last year, but NOT frighteningly so. We're just making sure that we can cover the costs best we can without putting your stuff in jeapordy! Final costs will come soon. We're still looking at the weekend of Aug 11-12 to load in.

2. If there are any large camps (that means 8 or more people) that are either shipping with us that DID NOT ship last year...or any large camps that DID ship with us last year but are not doing so this year...please let us know so we reserve the correct number of containers.

3. We the container are working hopefully, as we did last year, with Circle of the Psyche..our fair regionals...and they are sponosored by Circle Arts. Please check out Circle Arts' website! They are

Burnin love, Cinemagirl and the container crew. (and that means Nickname among other so give him hugs)