Game of Daring

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By Tejawe, Jasons (McH. and S.)

The Game Of Daring (aka GOD) Cards was actually created before the Game of Thrones…

It is the the ultimate game to get to know your fellow camper, and over the years, this game has created plenty of shenanigans - as it was designed to do! So far no one has been arrested for playing but there have been several hook ups that we know of and many a good time…

The GOD Cards are an adaptation of a daring card game originally produced by a burner named Steven Schkolne. He first brought his project to the playa in 2001-2003, where it became a hit within DISORIENT. Years later, DISORIENT recreated it, testing it at an LA party around 2010 or 2011. We then produced these actual GOD Cards for BM 2011.

Cards BACK.jpg Cards FRONT 1.jpg Cards FRONT 2.jpg Cards FRONT 3.jpg Cards FRONT 4.jpg Cards FRONT 5.jpg Cards FRONT 6.jpg Cards FRONT 7.jpg Cards FRONT 8.jpg Cards FRONT 9.jpg Cards FRONT 10.jpg Cards FRONT 11.jpg Cards FRONT 12.jpg Cards FRONT 13.jpg Cards FRONT 14.jpg