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The Ech0 Chamber is here. It's always been here, more of the same really. Consisting of your old friends Bacchus and Johnny Be Bad, Circe and Deva and Lucky, GoTos Jason and Paul, the Merpuss, JL, Jefe, and featuring the A-Train, we will do what we always do, what we've always done, as best we can. There will be hippie music. There will be colors other than Pornj (though we rhyme and rock Pornj with the best of them). Yes, we will be on. No, we do not "know who you are" (no matter how many times you ask us... But we want to. Come find us. IMBY. Stay a while. Shed. We will be hosting a cocktail party at dusk on Wednesday at the Art Car Wash. Love you.

Political structure

We play Paulitics.


The Ech0 Chamber consists of BOROUGHS like New York, with also the city and county structures of New York City layered over, within the STATE OF DIS0RIENT and the country of Burning Man. The Ech0 Chamber is a cell of Dis0rient, it is a City (like New York City) made up of two connected Boroughs (like Manhattan and Brooklyn), Spart-of-us and Ahems, that consist of various neighborhoods or villages (like Greenwich, Chelsea, Brooklyn Heights, Park Slope, Fort Apache, Flushing, Jamaica, Great Kills etc.) we'll call P0DS. We were all elected, though the boxes were black, stuffed, and contained many ghosts of Dis0rients passed...