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In Progress by Joe Che (8/3/10)

The Diamond Pods are two 15 foot geometric structures covered by stretchy pornj fabric. Participants are encouraged press against the fabric from the inside or outside. When viewed from the outside, the Diamond Pods take on an organic appearance, with the participants' body parts adding to and morphing the overall shape. They lit from the outside with floodlights, creating interesting shadows resulting from the shifting shapes. The inside of the Diamonds will also serve as a shade structure and puddle lounge with a back room only accessible through an arm motion through fabric.



Diamond pods.jpg Diamond pods2.jpg

Technical Details

Version 2


26 - 1" by 1" by 8' - ~ $3 each, total of $230 reusable wood with shipping

Parachute for covering- Check Ebay for used ones. Generally ~30-$75 each.

Cloth Dye to make parachute pink

52 Bolts (plus 10 extra) 104 Washers (plus 10 extra)

Version 1

Side covers are made from spandex wrapped around thin 1" x 4' long wood scraps to prevent tearing.

Roof is made from camo netting. Waiting for confirmation to obtain from West Coast.

Joining is done with Starplates.

Spandex from Spandex House[1]

10 Pink- 6.5' by 8" pieces for main triangles

10 Orange- 6.5' by 8" pieces for main triangles

2 Pink- 7' by 4" for doors

2 Orange- 7' by 4" for doors

On Playa Build & Breakdown Crew

Joe Che, Margaret can build them in ~1 hour.

Concept Crew

Joe Che

Margaret Gere




Joe Che

Margaret Gere

Tools Needed

2 1/2 inch socket wrenches

Disengage Plan after After Playa Use

Wood can be reused.

Fabric, starplates, bolts, nuts, washers is saved and brought back to NYC (as many possible)

We can build a lighter and more portable version for East Coast events.