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Designed by The Eye, built by KCR in the Bronx (Spring 2009)
Wood, neon lights, paint, casters and handles

Art and travel case as a single unit.

Roughly the same size as the Black Crates, the D9 Sign opens-up in half to reveal the artwork--a multilayered D9 wood cutout and painted pornj with black lights. This one-step process eliminates the need to pack/unpack and makes install/deinstall as effortless as possible. It's also assurance that the artwork will be preserved... until we lose the crate, of course.

The "D" is cutout from the front piece of plywood while round pixels that form the "9" are cutout from the recessed plywood in the back. Black lights are installed on both sides of the recessed layer of ply and shine on orange in the front and pink in the back.

A 24-Hour Outdoor Plug-In Mechanical Dusk to Dawn Countdown Timer automatically turns the D9 Sign on/off at sunset/sunrise.

D9 Sign 01.jpg D9 Sign 02.jpg D9 Sign 03.jpgD9 Sign 04.jpg D9 Sign 05.jpg

BM 2012

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BM 2009