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There can be no foreground without background.
Disorientation subsumes the perceptual Gestalt.
It makes you feel funny inside.
Disorient colors strive to stand out, to warn, to disorient with an association with safety while pushing to the edge.
In so doing, they acknowledge and include environments
from which they ~spring~ and ^sproing^.

Eternal Sunset Primaries

Day Glo Orange
Hot Pink

The Playa

Cracked Earth
Heavenday Sky

The Self / Twin The

Warped Mirror Silver
Liquid Love Leaf Gold

The Universe

Cloak Black
Twilight Blue
Mad Turq


S'aint White
Dust Cloud Dank
Atmospheric & Turbulence Twinkle
P@rticle System & @rtificial Life Simul@cr@
The Very Matter of d/y/i/n/g and r~e~b~o~r~n *s*t*a*r*s