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Di20rient - Visit NOW !!

2:15 & Esp on BRCVR or

How to get into and move around in BRCvr: File:BRCvr.pdf

BRCVR Di20rient: Camp Events

Explore our virtual camp in AltspaceVR: guide to installation below.

We built a virtual ever evolving and expanding Disorient camp. Teleport or Fly around the frontage. Listen to Disorient DJs. Find Duke's.

[Disorient HK Gon Kirin- @zparkz]

BRCVR Di20rient Black Lives Matter

With great gratitude we gathered thoughout the week for yoga and discussion and engaging discussion of black lives matter : mutual aid: 10 principles through a social and racial justice lens - @leo @alien

With the transition to a digital playa we hope to build a more inclusive playa. we're all truly pornj on the inside and out. Join disorient on the altspacevr platform with : mac, win, vr

We host a series of talks in zoom, tours in vr, duke was a regulr nighttime haunt for the overhours crowd within VR camp. Artist and Activist will share their personal experiences. how do you relate to the world through art? If you’re an at burning man, what have your experiences been and how do you want us to relate / support? Have the burning man principles or community impacted you life? recently or over the years?


BRCvr Onboarding Guide - detailed workthrough

BRCvr_Onboarding_Guide.rtf: File:BRCvr Onboarding Guide.rtf

Edited from BRCVR Discord – August 6, 2020 – Ver 0.1

Hardware/Software/Network requirements

  • BRCvr is supported by the AltspaceVR platform (see
  • The following hardware choices support AltspaceVR and BRCvr.
    • VR Head Mounted Display (HMD)
      • Advantages: HMDs engage your peripheral vision and proprioception, giving you a strong feeling of immersion in the virtual world. Hand tracking controllers that come with HMDs can add expressiveness to your conversations in the virtual world.
      • Supported HMDs are listed at
      • If purchasing a new HMD consider a mobile unit like the Oculus Quest. While mobile units are less powerful that a tethered ones like the Vive, mobile units are easier to set up, and give you great mobility.
      • Note that delivery time for HMDs can be 2 weeks or longer due to demand during the Covid crisis.
    • Windows PC
    • MacOS
      • AltspaceVR is rumored to be developing a MacOS App in time for BRCvr at the end of August.
      • If the MacOS App is not available in time, you could consider running Windows in a Bootcamp partition that you setup on your Mac, or you could purchase a virtualization App like Parallels to run Windows virtually.
  • AltspaceVR App
    • For Oculus Quest or Oculus Go, you can download the AltspaceVR App for free from the Oculus store.
    • Other HMDs have other ways to obtain the AltspaceVR App.
    • For Windows, you can download the AltspaceVR App for free from the Microsoft Store
  • Network
    • AltspaceVR should run on almost any Broadband connection
    • The speed of connection will affect how fast you can teleport from one space to another in BRCvr.
    • On slower connections (less than 10 Mbps) it may take a minute or more to download the assets for the space you are teleporting to. With faster connections, download time is proportionally faster.
    • The AltspaceVR App might lose connection to the AltspaceVR Server your broadband connection frequently loses a series of packets,. In this case the App will try to reconnect automatically. If this fails you may need to quit the AltspaceVR App and restart it.
    • If you experience frequent reconnects, or if your AltspaceVR session starts to act oddly, the try the command ‘ping -n 100' to test the quality of your broadband connection. It is probably okay to see occasional errors like ‘Request timed out’. But if you see a stretch of these errors, this could explain the frequent reconnects. In this case you should check the quality of your wi-fi connection, and ask your broadband service provider to run a test to your receiving equipment (e.g. Cable Modem).

Oculus Mobile Setup

  • If you just purchased a Quest or a Go, follow the step-by-step setup instructions provided by Oculus.
  • You may also google ‘Quest setup’ to find videos and other resources to familiarize yourself with the procedure.
  • It’s been my experience that the device can hang during setup if you accidentally miss a step. E.g. it could continuously tell you ‘downloading updates’ for 10 minutes or more.
    • If you get stuck like this, you may need to do a ‘factory reset’ of your Quest (google ‘factory reset Quest’ to find out how) and start the setup process again.
  • Once your HMD is set up, I suggest you try out a few of the tutorials in the Library.

AltspaceVR App setup

  1. Download the AltspaceVR App, e.g. from Oculus Store or Microsoft Store.
  2. Launch the AltspaceVR App
  3. The first time you launch AltspaceVR, you will be prompted to:
    1. Sign up for an AltspaceVR Account (email address, password, user name, etc.)
    2. Customize your Avatar.
    3. Click Save to go to the next step
    4. Next you will be led through the tutorial, starting with basic navigation (moving and turning using your controllers).
    5. After you are comfortable with basic navigation (e.g. walking, turning), you may skip the remaining Tutorial topics (e.g., grabbing and throwing objects). You can always return to the tutorial when you need these skills later.

i. Click the /\ logo to open the main menu ii. Click Settings iii. Click Skip Tutorial iv. Click Close 4. Enable Settings a. Click the /\ logo to open the main menu b. Click Settings c. Enable these options in the General tab i. Participate in Early Access Program ii. Enable Worlds Beta d. Click Close Get familiar with AltspaceVR

  • You may want to spend a few minutes looking around AltspaceVR InfoZone
  1. Click the /\ logo to open the main menu
  2. Click Discover
  3. Click AltspaceVR InfoZone under Featured Hub Spaces
  4. Click Enter

Enter BRCvr world

  1. Click the /\ logo to open the main menu
  2. Click Worlds
  3. Go to the BRCvr world (likely last page of Featured Worlds)
  4. Or go to Black Rock Night world (somewhere in the Popular Worlds)

Explore the  BRCvr world

  1. Check that your Microphone is not muted if you want to speak with someone.
    1. Mic icon above the /\ logo should NOT be Red
  2. Try walking into one of the blue ‘Beam me up’ portals to teleport to a sub-world.
  3. Try flying
    1. Click the /\ logo to open the main menu
    2. Click Settings
    3. Click Items
    4. Click Spawn for Flying Tool
    5. Point to the Flying Tool (white pencil with magenta tip) with your right hand, and squeeze you right middle finger to grab it.
    6. Note: grabbing is one of the Advanced topics in the tutorial
    7. While continue to hold the Flying Tool (middle finger still squeezed), squeeze your right (trigger) finger and move the Flying Tool In the direction you want to fly.
    8. You can change direction or speed by moving the Flying Tool.
    9. Ease up on your right (trigger) finger to stop moving.